How Avoori Removes the Need for WordPress Website Maintenance

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How Avoori Removes the Need for WordPress Website Maintenance

Way back in 2003, WordPress was just a simple blogging tool that only bloggers used. It wasn’t used by professionals or businesses, as it wasn’t very developed. So, when WordPress started evolving, nobody could resist it. Everyone started using it and it was the biggest CMS to ever happen. 

WordPress nowadays is the number one content management system, it powers every kind of website you can ever think like portfolios, business websites, e-commerce websites, and so on. It’s used by more than a third of website owners on the internet, and it’s always evolving.

But, just as it is the case for a lot of products, there are always disadvantages that one should keep an eye on. For WordPress, these disadvantages vary from maintenance to security threats. For this guide, we’ll be talking about WordPress’s maintenance, and how Avoori can help you remove the need for it.

How Did WordPress Get So Popular?

WordPress obviously didn’t become so popular from scratch, the platform evolved and gained wide recognition because of a lot of reasons. WordPress powers more than 30% of websites online and for a good reason, it has grown little by little, and here’s how it did it: 

  • WordPress was flexible from the start, it offered high flexibility from day one by giving you access to codes. People had the possibility to code it and develop it the way they liked without being limited by anything. So, all in all, WordPress gives you the possibility to customize your website 100%.
  • WordPress is always being refined and always has great stock and market full of plugins and tools. There are thousands of developers out there who keep creating plugins and contribute to the platform in various ways.
  • What I believe was the reason behind WordPress’s success is that it’s free. Everyone can use WordPress whenever they want to and download it whenever they wish to. You can build your website on it, but you’ll have to keep in mind is that to use it, you’ll need a hosting provider.
  • WordPress has thousands of free plugins or freemium plugins that can help you on your journey.
  • It’s easy to install, and it’s very easy to download. 
  • It’s an open-source platform which means anyone can develop an issue that they can come across on WordPress which will then be corrected on all other websites. 
  • It’s great for SEO. WordPress has a great reputation with Google, so, you already have the trust of Google by starting a website on WordPress.
  • It’s multilingual so you can use WordPress with any language you want. It’s translated into more than 50 languages, so, it’s up to you to choose the one you need.

Why WordPress is Complex

WordPress is very complex, and I believe everyone already knows that. For beginners out there who don’t know anything about codes, WordPress can seem like a maze. And honestly, it is. When I was just a beginner and started my blog, I didn’t understand anything about WordPress, everything seemed so hard, and I didn’t know how to use it.

So, that’s why beginners tend to hire developers or coders to help them out, but we all know how much that is expensive. Even if you’re a coder, you might find it hard to choose one over in the 54 thousand plugins that WordPress had, or one in thousands of themes that WordPress had.

Because of the various choices this platform has to offer, instead of being easier, it just becomes even more complex.

WordPress’s Maintenance & Avoori

WordPress’s maintenance is extremely important. It enables your website to stay safe, and protect it from being broken. Poor maintenance can make you lose your website and lose all of its content and clients.

If you start using outdated themes or plugins for your website, they may not be compatible with your WordPress’s version which will mean poor activity on your website. The theme might break, and the plugin might not work as effectively.

But, the biggest problem with outdated plugins and themes is that they can make your website a target for attacks and very vulnerable. Your website can become a victim for cyber-attacks and malicious malware that can destroy it and make it lose all of its content.

That is why your WordPress website needs to be updated all the time. But we know that it’s hard to optimize your WordPress 24/7, that is why Avoori is there to help. At Avoori, we enable our clients to start a website powered with WordPress but without going through all the maintenance struggles. We’ve made sure everything else is done for you so that you can concentrate on creating content, or making sales, or both. So, let’s take a look at how Avoori helps.

What Maintenance Involves

There are a lot of things that maintenance involves, but here they are: 

  • Backups: You need to backup your website all the time and on a regular basis so that you can avoid a breakdown. You need to have backup files as well in order to save your website if it goes under attack or if it goes through major changes. With Avoori, your website will always have a backup even if you don’t do it yourself.
  • Security: It’s very important to secure your website and scan it for malicious malware. There are always hackers out there who’ll want a piece of the cake, so, make sure it’s always secured. With Avoori, the security is 100% guaranteed so that your website can never be a victim of malicious malware or hackers. 
  • Performance: If your website doesn’t perform well, then it won’t be effective, which is why you always need to optimize its performance. With Avoori, your website will always be optimized in order to guarantee its performance. 
  • SEO optimization: You always need to optimize images, cache your website, check your speed, research keywords, add SEO plugins and so on. Avoori has all of this automatized. You’ll be able to research keywords with our tool, implement them with our tool, and have your website load fast, cached, and your images optimized automatically.
  • Server maintenance: Your website is always maintained with Avoori, you’ll never have to worry about updating your plugin, theme, or WordPress version, it’s all done for you.


Avoori will make your website journey much easier and will release you of any maintenance struggle. It will help you power a website with WordPress, and edit it as much as you want without even being tech-savvy.

So, what are you waiting for?

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