How Avoori Scaled as a SAAS using WordPress

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How Avoori Scaled as a SAAS using WordPress

If you’re into blogging, then you know that WordPress is the most used blogging tool and platform out there. WordPress powers more than 30% of websites online starting from blogs to portfolios. WordPress has gained quite the success with website owners because it’s free, and it’s very scalable.

WordPress at first started as a blogging platform and was used by bloggers mainly. After a while and after a lot of alterations, WordPress evolved into a complete CMS platform that can power basically any website out there. 

So, now that you’re building a website, you must be wondering if WordPress’s the right platform for you if you’re handling an ever-growing business, right? If that’s the case, then this article is perfect for you.

Why Is Scalability Important?

Scalability is a characteristic that represents the possibility for a system, a function, a model, or a website to grow and to expand due to an increasement of workload. So, that means scalability for a website is the possibility to welcome a large number of users when it has to and adapt to high traffic. 

Websites & High Traffic

To be able to understand why scalability is important, one must know high traffic affects your website. High traffic can make your website slower, and sometimes unresponsive. High traffic can strain and block the severs used for your website by overloading them and creating “bottlenecks”. 

So, this means that under high traffic, if your website isn’t scalable, it can actually end up unresponsive and thus result in the loss of a lot of users. So, this means that for your WordPress website to perform well under high traffic, it must serve all the users with minimum possible resources in order to give them what they’re looking for without creating bottlenecks. 

In order to do that, you must have in place a great optimization strategy and have a great caching system that will make your website easy to load and fast. 

Is WordPress Scalable?

Most website owners actually ask themselves this question at least once in their journey. Is WordPress scalable? And if it is, how scalable is it? Well, WordPress actually evolved from a simple blogging platform to a complete CMS platform that powers almost all kinds of websites. WordPress powers millions of websites online, and some of these websites have millions of visitors each month. 

So, WordPress is actually very scalable. Your WordPress’s website can scale up depending on the high traffic, and depending on the resources you put in it. If you’re ready to pay hundreds of dollars each month for a hosting plan that will enable you to get millions of visitors, then yes WordPress’s scalability is limitless.

But, if you don’t have the money to invest in great hosting plans or expensive plugins, then WordPress won’t be that scalable for you, and you might not afford high traffic as it can do you more harm than good.

So, let’s take a look at what are the things that a website owner should keep an eye on when scaling their WordPress website.

  • Media Resources
  • Caching
  • Logging data
  • Database loading
  • Coding architecture
  • HTTP requests
  • Too many users

Avoori As A Scalable Solution

If you’re reading this from our blog, then you’re probably already familiar with Avoori, if not, then here’s an overview of us.

Avoori is a white-labeled hosted solution that enables users to build websites that are powered by WordPress. Users can use Avoori to experience the beauty of WordPress and its scalability without facing its complexity or having to learn to code. The most complicated thing about WordPress is that it’s very hard to use, requires users to be familiar with codes and web development, and its caching system isn’t that great. 

One of the biggest limitations that WordPress faces is caching. Caching is what makes your website faster, easier to navigate, and makes it loading speed shorter. With WordPress, it can be quite hard to cache your website thus, with high traffic, your website automatically becomes slower.

How Avoori Scaled

Avoori scaled as a SAAS because it’s the first SAAS company that will ever offer an all-in-one platform where you can find all the tools you need and all the plugins you need. Avoori enables users to create their website (powered by WordPress), experience WordPress without having to look for different tools or plugins in the market place as they’re already built-in. You can create a website powered by WordPress in a matter of minutes without having to learn how to code and without hiring a web developer.

Avoori also scaled as an online platform by creating unique technology for websites’ caching (WordPress caching) which is called transparent caching. This technology will help website owners to use Avoori and create their website as if caching is inexistent. They’ll never have to worry about their website slowing down, or about caching it. So, all in all, users will never have to update, clear or edit theirs caching in any way which means they can update, alter, or refine their website as much as they want and see the changes at the same time, this also means that their loading speed will stay intact and will remain unbothered.

Other than that, then Avoori is the first platform to offer white-label solutions and enable users to build a website from scratch all in one platform. You can choose one of the templates, customize it as much as you want, add images, videos, sliders, and everything you want without being bothered, create an email address, send emails and newsletters to prospects without ever having to leave the platform. The beauty of Avoori lies within its ease of use, and its scalability. All websites, no matter how they’re big or small, can be created on Avoori and be powered by it. You can receive even 1M visitors per month and your website won’t be affected as Avoori will scale up your website depending on the traffic you get, so, you can benefit from different kinds of servers without having to pay for an expensive hosting plan for WordPress.


Avoori is an all-in-one platform that will help you create the website of your dream without facing any complications. It has a list of different features and plugins, and it’s a great solution for beginners and professionals as well.

So, what are you waiting for?

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