5 Reasons to Migrate Your WordPress Website to Avoori

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5 Reasons to Migrate Your WordPress Website to Avoori

Often websites are hard to create, especially if you’re using WordPress. WordPress is one of those options that are just too complicated and too had for beginners. But it’s also the go-to to a lot of people out there since it basically powers more than 30% of websites online.

If you’re having trouble with your WordPress website, then that is completely okay. WordPress is not made for everyone, and not everyone can handle it especially if they don’t have the money to hire a web developer to have their website’s back at all times.

If you’re thinking about migrating your WordPress to another place, then you’re at the right place. This guide will show you the top reasons why you should be migrating your WordPress and will show the ultimate alternative that will blow your mind.

If you don’t want WordPress to be your go-to anymore, or if you plan on finding a better solution for the future, then continue reading.

The Ultimate Platform

If you want to migrate your WordPress to another platform, then look no further. Avoori is the perfect platform to do this, and here’s why.

  • Avoori will let you create a website that is powered by WordPress as easily as possible.
  • Avoori is a white-label solution that is based on the drag and drop feature just like Wix.
  • Avoori is the go-to for agencies and website owners all over the globe. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate Your Website to Avoori

So, without any further ado, here are the reasons why: 

WordPress Is Too Complicated

When you’re just a beginner, creating a website seems like something straight out of science-fiction. It can be very hard, and very tiring, especially if you create your website with WordPress or another open-source platform. Open-source platforms like WordPress means that they rely entirely on codes and coding languages, and it means if you’re not good with coding, then you’ll have a very hard time. Any beginner out there who has no idea about coding will suffer if they choose WordPress.

If you’re that kind of people that just don’t know the way around WordPress but have already created a website in it, then worry not. You can always migrate your website to Avoori and benefit from all the tools and ease of use of Avoori. You get to benefit from the same functionalities of WordPress but without all the complications. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to have a website that is powered by WordPress but that is very easy. So, isn’t it a great deal? 

No Support

It’s no news that WordPress doesn’t have a support team and doesn’t offer any customer service. Every time something is wrong with your WordPress website, you’ll have to find it on your own or hire a web developer to help you solve the situation. Other than that, then you only have the WordPress community to help you with your journey. You can find the same problem that you have already asked in the community, but it doesn’t mean you’ll find an answer, which is why a WordPress website is annoying.

Avoori, on the other hand, knows how important support is. And that’s why you’ve got a whole support section on their website that will help you find out the answers that you need. If that’s not enough then you can contact them by email, or via their social media platforms. They’ll give you an answer as soon as possible, and they’ll make sure you find you solve your problem and have a great experience using their platform.

Not Good With SEO

If you’re not good with SEO, then that’s another reason why you should consider migrating your WordPress website. WordPress websites are very hard to optimize especially for SEO purposes. You’ve got to download plugins to help you with it, find out online how to do it, add plugins to help you with keyword research, and so on. This can be very hectic and very expensive as SEO tools cost a lot of money.

By choosing Avoori, you guarantee yourself access to a lot of diverse SEO tools that will help you research the keywords you need and implement them correctly all over your content. Not only that, but Avoori will help you with your SEO with their support page by thorough articles and guides to make sure you understand everything and to make sure your SEO journey is as smooth as possible.


Handling a WordPress website on your own can be very tricky especially when it comes to speed. You’ll have to make sure plugins aren’t making your website load slower, you’ll have to cache out your website, you’ll have to optimize your images, and so many other things that can be very hard to handle, and a lot to remember. WordPress websites depending on your hosting provider can vary in speed greatly. Each hosting provider can change your website speed either to the best or to the worst depending on how much you pay and on their services.

Avoori, on the other hand, makes sure all of their websites are fast. You can benefit from a fast website for a fair price. How? Your images and videos are optimized automatically, and they cache your website so you don’t have to do it. You can simply concentrate on the content you’re offering, and that’s about it.


Whoever says WordPress websites are secure is someone who’s never been familiar with security. WordPress websites aren’t secure unless you choose the most expensive plan of them all and add the SSL certificate and a lot of security providers out there. They aren’t automatically secure which can leave your website a victim to hacking and to cyber attacks any time of the day.

If you want a secure website, then you need to migrate your WordPress website to Avoori. Your security is their top priority and none of the websites they power have ever been hacked. Your website is automatically secure and has an SSL certificate to make sure all of your content is encrypted. 


Choosing a WordPress website is not a mistake, but it’s also not a great idea especially if you think about all of these points that have been mentioned. Avoori will help you create a great secure website in a matter of minutes, or migrate a secure website in a matter of websites. Make sure to check their website and dive in.

It’s now or never, so, what do you think?

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