How to Blog Freestyle while Maintaining a Professional Tone

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How to Blog Freestyle while Maintaining a Professional Tone

Have you ever come across a write-up or an article that feels like it was written in Mars. You find it ambiguous, difficult to understand and abstract. In an instance like that, it is near impossible for you to get the message the author is trying to pass across. Why write an article, everyone would find too boring to read. It doesn’t matter how groundbreaking your write-up is, if no one is reading it. How do you strike a balance between passing the right message across yet in a relatable and enjoyable manner? The idea is to maintain an easy and conversational tone throughout your write-up.

Connecting with your blog visitors is highly dependent on the website or blog that you own. Most times, bloggers find discovering an ideal tone for their write-up a little bit difficult. On one hand, they want to be fun and seem freestyle, they also, however, need to maintain a professional tone too. At the end of the day, discovering the ideal tone is a vital part of creating a complete content strategy.

This is because each content piece that gets published on your blog is yet another opportunity to show your clients exactly:

  • Who you are
  • The way you think, and;
  • How you execute your business.

Bear in mind that, an amazing blog article has the prospect of connecting with and attracting your ideal audience. This is a very vital part of marketing (inbound marketing). For this reason, writing content that is both fun, professional and resonates with your blog visitors is very crucial.

Things To Consider When Writing In A Freestyle And Professional Tone

There are roughly three things you will have to consider to find a balance between your fun yet professional tone. They include:

Knowing Your Persona

For the uninformed, your blogging persona is simply a semi-fictional personality that tends to represent your ideal audience. For this reason, having a vividly clear picture of your persona is essential to creating a cohesive brand. 

There are questions you will have to ask yourself as they will assist in informing you on the best time to attract prospective blog visitors.  They include:

  1. Are you writing the article to a colleague?
  2. Is the intent of this writing conversation or instructional?
  3. Who is your target audience? 
  4. Is your audience mostly male or female?

Immediately you have an idea on who you are writing to, you are bound to have a better concept of the best tone to use. Meanwhile, you should always remember to put yourself in your audience shoes as this will help you write more relatable contents.

Reflecting your brand

An aspect of branding has to do with making a decision on the tone and writing style. Even if a customer should see a logo, product or image, they should be able to swiftly link the content with your blog or even business. 

You can begin by asking yourself how best you can utilize your blog in setting your brand apart. Note that, the tone of a blog, that is, the style which the contents are crafted must not be too corporate or impersonal. 

Some of the best blogs you know, actually connect with their audience via their writing. This is done by developing a human bond. The human bond is practically the whole reason behind blogging. 

This point is vital as it sets your blog apart. In order to be freestyle yet professional, you should give your blog a voice. This voice must have the power to engage, connect and of course, compel. 

To create trust between your blog and prospective visitors, you must provide messages that are consistent and your tone must always match your written content.


With your blog, you may entertain the idea of featuring multiple voices, that is, ghostwriters. Every writer has a personal tone and writing style. While some may have a formal and highly professional tone, others will write in a much more less structured way. All in all, the write-ups should still uphold the tone your blog is known for.

Tone Establishment

When it comes to blogging, you are to have an established tone. The blog visitors and potential clients are all humans. Your tone should be one that they can easily resonate with. Note that, when all your content is totally formal and serious, you will attract a certain audience. And, when it is humorous and conversational, it will also attract a different audience. 

However, striking a balance between being professional and conversational will attract both types of audience. 

How To Make Your Blog Look Professional

Every good blog displays personality. Some of the popular blogs we know today are those that allow their human nature to shine through. However, no matter how freestyle our blog tone is, you should never down pedal your professionalism.

Some tips you need to achieve this include:

  • Select the ideal WordPress theme

When you begin your blog, take your time to surf the web. Select a theme that will fit some of your personal preferences. WordPress has diverse themes and you are bound to find one that will look nice. 

And, if the WordPress themes are not what you like, you can surf the web. There are diverse themes that are both for free and also affordable. 

  • Ensure your site loads swiftly

In growing your audience, you may want your website to be swift in loading. Also, it influences how Google will rank you in the search results. However, the most vital thing is not keeping your readers waiting for so long. By the way, a slow website gives your blog a trashy impression. This means you must select your hosting with absolute care. 

  • Text editing

Even if coming up with flawless posts may seem hard, it is ideal that you edit every article before publishing. You are to proofread all the contents before they go online on your website. Tools like Grammarly can help you achieve flawless write-ups.

Wrapping It Up

Striking a balance between being free yet professional in your tone of blogging is subjective. It, however, starts with creating a blogger persona. The best tone you can use is the one that speaks directly to your customers in a way that helps them learn as well as captures their attention in a fun manner.

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