5 Blog Post Image Strategies and SEO Optimizations

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5 Blog Post Image Strategies and SEO Optimizations

Nowadays, blogging has gotten a tiny little bit harder because of images. You need an image for the header, one of Pinterest for pinning purposes, screenshots in case it’s a guide, and so on. You need an image for every little thing, and they’re all equally important. 

And besides this, you also need to optimize them to make them SEO friendly. Images, especially large ones, make your website a little bit slower, and as we all know, a slow website doesn’t get any traffic, let alone leads.

That’s why you need to keep an open mind for all of these things. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you’re wondering how to make your content look good and still make it SEO friendly, then this is the perfect guide for you. We’ll give you access to 5 blog post image strategies, and how to optimize them. If you want to find out more, then all you have to do is stick around.

Why Are Images Important?

You must be wondering what are images good for in a simple blog article? Right? Well, the images are very important. When you’re writing an article, you’re trying to get a point across, you’re trying to create well-structured content that will incite visitors and will make them read it.

When the content is too long, it can be quite boring, which is why adding some photos is very important. Photos make the content popup and make your article much more interesting to read. They give it that extra “something” that just makes it irresistible and give the visitors the appetite to read it.

  • Images help content be more understandable. When a topic is too long, and is full of new complex topics, adding images just makes it a lot easier. You can explain using an image what a certain aspect means, and you can give a general idea about it. 
  • Images make your content look more personal. They make your voice stronger, and your personality much more prominent. Adding images says a lot about what kind of styles and designs you like, and it also gives your content a unique look. 
  • Images make the content more readable. They break down long paragraphs and make them easier to read. They make the content seem shorter for the reader, and they also give him/her a short break.

Always add images whenever you can. They might make you consume more time in adding them, but they’re worth every minute. So, make sure to consider their existence. 

5 Images Strategies

If you want to add some images to your blog post, you first need to ask yourself this. Should I use stock photos?

Using Stock Photos

Stock photos are photos that are uploaded on a website and that can be used by anyone whether it’s for free or for money. There are a lot of stock photo websites out there and each one has a different gallery than the other one as each one has different photographers.

If you’re wondering which stock photos to choose, you need to think about your budget. If you’re a beginner whose budget is very tight, then you can simply use free stock photos. If you indeed use them, then make sure to give their photographers some credit because they deserve it. If you’ve got a decent budget, then you can use paid stock photos. They’ll cost a few dollars, but they’re worth it. They’re not available to everyone and will make your blog popup. 

If you have a bigger budget and can afford a photographer, then that’s even better. Photographers can take some unique beautiful pictures for your blog, but they’ll cost you extra cash. But, you’ll be guaranteed that those photos won’t be available to anyone else but you.

Use Good Quality

For your image to look good on your blog post, you need to have good quality. And this is the main issue that a lot of people have. Making an image look good and getting rid of its bad quality is a very big issue, and the problem is, this bad quality affects your blog post as well. 

So, here’s how you can make your image look better! Make sure to upload the image at least 2x the size that you need for your blog post. If your image area is 200 px, upload 400 px. Why? Because WordPress will make sure to come up with a new file that will get pulled in case there are low DPI monitors. So, your blog post will always have high-quality images.

Image Height

When downloading a photo, it’ll be better if you pick images with a low height ratio. Images that have the same height and width will block too much of your website and won’t make it look that good. That’s why you need to consider low height images. If they block too much of the screen and content, the visitor might forget what he was reading in the first place.

So, next time you’re looking for an image for your blog post, make sure to choose a rectangular photo or an image that doesn’t have a large height. This way you can make sure the visitor won’t lose interest and won’t forget what he was reading.

Optimize The File

If you don’t want your website to be affected by the image, then it’s important to optimize its size. One of the most common practices is to reduce the file size, and although that is good, it can affect your image quality very badly. So, here’s how you can optimize your file: 

  • First, upload the image via WordPress media uploader, allow WordPress to optimize the image by using your own setup.
  • Use the correct file type, either PNG or JPG. 
  • Use TinyPNG or another service that will minify your image without affecting the quality.

And that’s about it. 

Use A Text

In case your image doesn’t show up, it’s important to have a text to alternate for it. So, simply think about what the image represents for you and what its purpose and describe it in the text. Make sure to use some keywords, as well as search engines, take a look at what that image is; and its purpose. If you include keywords, the image will help you rank higher as it will be SEO friendly.


Images are very important and are very great in conveying messages. The more you include in a long blog post, the more you’ll make it fun to read.

So, do you use images on your blog post?

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