Why Your Web Design Projects Need to be Uploaded to Dribble and Behance

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Why Your Web Design Projects Need to be Uploaded to Dribble and Behance

As a web designer, it is important that you have a portfolio of web design projects that you can show any prospective client. Ideally, it is one of the, if not the most powerful tool in your arsenal when you want to convince any client to hire you. The reason for this is that it installs confidence in that prospective client. It serves as an easy way to show off your expertise, experience and technical know-how. Your web design portfolio should show of your previous work in a way that makes you look good as well as provide the client or anyone viewing it with just the right amount of context. By doing this, you impress your client not just with the end result of the design project, but also with your work process and creativity. In this article, we’ll show you how (and why) you absolutely need to upload your projects unto Behance and/or Dribble, the two biggest online portfolios. We’ve also added a section on how to get started with each platform as well as a comparison of the subtle differences between both platforms.

Let’s get started by looking at a couple of reasons why you should upload your projects on Dribble and Behance.

It Gives You Visibility

By putting your work out there, potential employers and clients can easily see your work, appreciate your brilliance and then decide to employ you. If the only clients you have are those that you directly source for, then you really do need Dribble and Behance. By creating an attractive profile and showcasing well designed projects, you begin to attract attention and even clients that you are not even aware of can begin to see you and attempt to hire you.

It helps You Innovate

Ever being stuck at some point on a project and then have to dig through old files looking for a similar design that holds the solution? 

Well, with a portfolio on Behance or Dribble, you can simply open it up and easily check through the portfolio as you look to find that solution. Plus, going through your older designs can provide you that much needed flash of inspiration to take the project you are working on from good to great. Apart from your own project that you’ve uploaded, you’ll be able to draw inspiration from what other designers have created and uploaded on the platforms.

It Protects You

The face of work today is rapidly changing and as more companies turn to freelancers and independent contractors for website design and development jobs, by uploading the designs to your Dribble or Behance account, you retain a level of ownership of the design properly. You should just ensure that you ask first, and most employers would almost always say yes.

You gain a Community

Dribble and Behance is like LinkedIn, but for creatives. This means that when you join these platforms, you are joining and creating a community. And in the business of design, a community is invaluable for gaining expertise, experience, as well as new clients. You have no idea how far a referral or a piece of advice can give you and as such you want to remain active and consistent on Dribble and Behance. Here are a few things that you want to do if you want to become a valued and popular member of the community:

  • Ensure that you set up and display your work in layouts that are very well designed.
  • Take out time to appreciate other people’s work, it is better to simply leave a comment of praise rather than criticizing other people. 
  • As much as is possible, publicize and share another person’s work.
  • Finally, try to partake in as many challenges that the platform organizes as you can

How to Upload Your Designs to Behance

Now, let’s look at how to maximize both Behance and Dribble. To upload your work on Behance, you’ll need an Adobe ID. As a designer, you probably will already have one, but even if you don’t, simply create a new one. Behance is completely free to use, plus you can upload as many designs as want to your Behance account.

Creating a new project is quite simple, all you have to do is click the “Create a Project” button. Once in the project, you can upload text, video and images, plus Behance allows you to tag and embed content from other locations. If you get stuck at any point, Behance Help Center is full of helpful information to help you move past that point.

The major difference between how you use Behance and how you use Dribble is the amount of media that can be added to each of the platform. Dribble is a little bit more restricted than Behance.

Uploading Your Designs to Dribble

Dribble is built around basketball and basketball analogy, so there is a system of ‘prospects’ and ‘players. A player is designer than can upload projects to the community. A prospect on the other hand can also upload work to the platform but the work would not be seen by any other person until the designer is invited by another designer that is on dribble and part of the community.

Therefore, as a prospect, you can keep uploading although they’ll remain drafts until you are invited. Players usually check for prospects that they believe deserve to be drafted to the platform.

Dribble only allows you upload one image when adding a project, so you should ensure that it’s the best one that represents your work.

Which is Better, Dribble or Behance?

Really, any serious web designer, especially one that specializes in UI/UX, then you should use both platforms. However, Dribble is a more social focused platform, while Behance is more focused on showcasing your work. 

Ideally, when you use both platforms, you should use both together. In other words, place your Behance link on Dribble and vice versa.

Finally, it is important to ensure that you put together your projects properly when uploading them to either Behance or Dribble. Put your best foot forward and take your time to do a good job, your profile will be all the better for it.

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