5 Secrets To Find More Clients For Your Handmade Business

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5 Secrets To Find More Clients For Your Handmade Business

Being a handmade business owner means a lot of stress, it means you have to make time to create your handmade pieces, but you also need to make time to promote your business. Because, let’s face it, promoting your business is what puts bread on the table.

Promoting your business means more audience, more sales, hence more money. But, not everyone knows how to promote their business the right way and how to find clients that are actually interested. That’s why we’ve created this blog post.

There are a lot of types of clients, there are the first adopters, the followers, the ambassadors of the brand, and so on. The first adopters are usually the first ones to try your handmade items, the followers are the one who only buys it when the brand takes off, and the ambassadors are those loyal clients who keep promoting your business at every turn because they love it so much.

All businesses strive to create ambassadors instead of normal clients, but for today, let’s just focus on how you can find more clients for your handmade business.

1.  Paid Social Media Ads

Social media is an important asset for every kind of business. Whether you’re in the food industry or a crafter, social media is one of those assets that you simply can’t ignore. Why? Because it has too many potentials and too much traffic that includes your audience.

Whether your audience is adults, teenagers, or elders, social media has got it all for you. Facebook is known to be used by adults and even elders, while Instagram is used by the younger generation and anyone that is very visual. LinkedIn is used by professionals, Snapchat is used by teenagers, and..well, TikTok is almost used by everybody nowadays.

If you know who your audience is and where they hang out on social media, then this task will be a piece of cake for you. You just have to target the right platform to use, zero in on your audience and the things they like, and create sponsored posts that are relevant to them and that they can relate to.

You must be wondering, why paid & sponsored posts exactly? Well, display ads are usually very effective and help you bring more audience and more exposure to your business and even retarget the people who almost purchased your products but didn’t click on “check out”.

Display ads will bring you loads of traffic and will help you find clients.

2.  Press Coverage

Handmade crafts businesses usually bring the most traffic and find more clients using press coverage. People that are interested in crafts and handmade products usually are more artistic and are more orientated towards DIY and crafts.

And just like that, they’re usually the more interested in press, publications, and magazines. That’s why one of the most effective ways to find new clients is to do press coverage for your business by contacting magazines, publications, and even some journals.

Some magazines, publications and so on might ask for an amount of money in order to do press coverage for you and some might do it for free. Both are quite effective if the press coverage highlights what you’re good at doing and shows examples of it.

So, if you get a paid chance, make sure to discuss all the details and how you want your business to be showcased, if it’s free on the other hand, then might as well accept the kind act and have them do their job like they always do it for more authenticity.

3.  In Person Events

As much as social media and press coverage are a great way to win more clients and have more exposure, one of the best ways to showcase your business and show what you’re capable of is to assist to in-person events.

These in-person events might be time-consuming and even money consuming but they are highly effective for businesses that have physical products that they want to show and share with the presence.

As a handmade craft business, these kinds of events are a must to assist if you want to gain more clients and show people your products in real life. They’ll be able to touch them, assess them, and see your own personal touch in real life and in their own eyes which will give you a competitive advantage over other handmade crafts businesses.

4.  Your Own Website

Websites are an underestimated asset that not a lot of people use nor care for. As a business, you should be smarter than that and see the opportunity where no one else sees it, and in this case, we’re talking about websites.

Websites can be anything from blogs to online shops and the type of websites you choose depends highly on your online audience. If your audience consists of people who like to educate themselves and learn more things on crafts, then a blog would be perfect for that, on the other hand, if they just want to look at your products, buy and get on with it then an online shop would do the trick. If they just want to learn more about your business and see what you do, then a business website would be enough.

Whatever you choose, just remember that a website is your own personal outlet for creativity and for engagement with your own customers via comments and emails, so, making the best out of it is a must.

5.  Galleries

Galleries offer a type of service that nobody else offers, and it’s a promotion for your arts and crafts. If you’re looking for opportunities to win more clients and expose your business further, then there’s no better opportunity than galleries.

You bring your products with you and expose them to interested clients and let them look at your products with their own eyes and see if they feel a connection. Galleries are your best bet because they already have a base of clients that will most likely be interested in what you offer as well.


With these 5 secrets, you’ll be able to grow your business from scratch and get more clients coming to your shop whether it’s online or offline. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to make more sales and grow your client’s base.

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