8 Effective Ways to Get New Agency Clients

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8 Effective Ways to Get New Agency Clients

To survive as a digital agency, there is one thing for sure, you need to always get new clients. And let’s be honest, getting new clients isn’t easy, in fact, it’s actually very overwhelming and challenging. And it might be quite contradicting the fact that you’re a digital agency but at the same time find troubles finding clients, but this scenario is very common.

Sometimes the thing that people do best for others can be the worst thing they can do for themselves, let’s take an example, as a writer, I can produce the best pieces for my clients, but I’ll have a hard time writing for myself. So, if you’re struggling to find new clients for yourself, then here is a guide to help you find new ones with simple 8 tips.

Cold Pitching

As a digital agency, there is one thing that you need to learn, and it’s cold pitching. Cold pitching is the practice of looking for potential clients by researching on your own either on google, using phone books, emails, and so on.

Cold pitching is considered as one of the most effective ways of landing clients as some of them are not aware of their needs until you approach them, and some are looking for better opportunities when you hit them with an email or call.

That’s why it’s so effective for digital agencies to start cold pitching, cold calling, or cold emailing.

Understand Your Clients

I know you’ve probably known this as a digital agency but one of the most important things for digital agencies or any kind of business is to understand their clients. Your clients are sometimes very mysterious and have a different kind of needs and expectations, which is why it’s important to understand the need and expectation of every one of them.

Then, the best thing to do is create a buyer persona that explicitly explains your ideal agency clients that you should target and that will help you make the most of your business and of your digital agency.

Look In Online Forums

As a digital agency, you probably already know the power of social media and online forums when it comes to promoting business and landing new clients. That’s why it’s important to use these assets for your business.

Start looking for clients on forums and on social media either by posting your portfolio and what you’re good at, or posting genuine information and posts on these forums and helping their users. Helping other users will help your online presence grow and will make other users trust you and even use your services without you promoting for them.

Use LinkedIn

Any business or company knows the importance of LinkedIn as a professional social media and platform. All the digital agencies I have already worked for before using LinkedIn in order to show their expertise and what they’re good at doing.

LinkedIn is an online outlet for your expertise and professionalism, plus it’s used by almost all kind of businesses which means you’ll have higher chances of landing jobs from LinkedIn than any other platform. Make sure to post consistently on this social media platform and look for jobs on it in order to win new clients.

Blog About Marketing

To showcase your expertise, there are a lot of ways to do it, but, one of the most popular ways and most effective ways to do it is through content marketing, or blogging to be exact. Blogging is the practice of creating blog posts about certain topics that you think might help others understand you, a topic, or your business better.

In your case, blogging about marketing is your best bet because that’s your main expertise as a digital agency. It will help others understand that you’re a professional and that you know what you’re doing and have proof of it.

Use Your Website

Websites are underrated when it comes to landing new jobs, and I believe everyone is starting to be aware of this. That is why as a digital agency, you need to use websites to their full potential by landing jobs with them.

How? By making your website responsive, fast, user-friendly, user-oriented, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly. These practices will help other clients know that you do things, and not only advocate for them which is in itself a proof of your expertise.

You can also use websites as online portfolios of other projects you have done and have completed which will be the topic of our next point.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Online portfolios are the only proof clients need when asking about your expertise and when looking for new digital agencies to hire. Online portfolios are supposed to harbor all of the projects you’ve done before and that are a clear indicator of your years of experience.

That is why you need to have one, and if you have one, need to optimize it as soon as possible. Optimizing your portfolio can be done in various ways, either by removing past projects you’re no longer proud of or by organizing your projects by niches or by alphabetical order.

Educate Yourself

And lastly, educating yourself. Educating yourself and investing in yourself should be your best friend and your biggest asset. Only you will be able to scale with your digital agency and only you can help it grow as a brand.

In order to do that, you need to learn new things, educate yourself, and scale with your knowledge. You should be in an everlasting cycle of learning this way you can always implement in your business new things that you’ve learned and that you think are going to help you move forward.

This kind of practices is your key to success and your key to getting new agency clients.


A digital agency is a lot of work, a lot of work on your business, and on other people’s business so it can be hard to find time in order to look for new clients, but remember, your current clients can let go of you at any time, so always be on the lookout for new ways to get more clients.

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