8 Simple Ways to Help Interior Designers Master Their Time

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8 Simple Ways to Help Interior Designers Master Their Time

Being an interior designer can be a lot of work and a lot of challenges. You’ve got so much to do, so much to work, and so many emails to respond to. There isn’t a single day where you feel like you’ve got nothing to do, and that can be very hectic. So, most interior designs don’t know how to manage their time.

Interior designers just have a lot on their plates, they should look for clients, talk to existing one, satisfy each one of them, work on all projects at the same time, and so much more. This always makes them wish the day was long, and it’s completely normal.

So, if you’re an interior designer who feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulder, then this is the perfect blog post for you.

You’ll learn how to manage your time and get everything done on time with 8 simple time-management hacks.

Organize Your Calendar

In order to get your way through life, you need to organize so many things, including your calendar. If you’ve got a lot of projects to work on and a lot of clients to contact, then the wisest thing to do is to organize your calendar. You can organize every day to a certain client or two, or make 2 hours a day for a client every single day. This way you’ll be able to work on their projects daily or weekly, and answer their every question.

Use Time-Management Tools

There are a lot of tools out there who just happen to be time-management tools. These tools can be used to organize the tasks you have every day, create a to-do list, follow your progress, and so much more. You can use Trello to create a monthly checklist and use spreadsheets in order to follow your daily progress with certain tasks. There also some communication tools that you can use in order to talk with your team without moving from your own chair.

Use The Timer

As a busy person, you’ll find that one of the best ways to manage your time and get everything done, is to use a timer. How? Simply use your timer as a way to give every project its time and only its time. If you’re working on a project for two hours, set the timer for two hours, it doesn’t matter if you finish it by then or not, what matters is that its time has been consumed and you need to move on to the next thing that should get your attention.

Layout Your Process

Sticking to a schedule and to a timer is good, but what is it good for if you haven’t laid out what you should be doing for the week or for the month? That’s why it’s important to lay out your thought process and find out which projects need your attention first and which ones come second. By doing this, you’ll be able to give your attention to what’s important first, and other things will come second.

Budget Your Time

Time is money, we all know that. That is why you have to figure out all of the key activities that waste your time and that do you no good. If you work 8 hours straight a day and have 1 hour of rest, then that’s okay, but if you’ve got a 1-hour rest between every 1 hour of work, then that’s a waste of time. That’s why it’s important to budget your time and see which activities waste your time and money in order to eliminate them.

Netflix and chill between every project aren’t work-related, so, might as well take it off the list no matter how fun it is and concentrate on home interior design.

Use Your Team

A team is a powerful asset that needs to be used at all time. If you’ve got a team that you’re not using or that you don’t trust with work, then that’s a wasted asset. So, that is why it’s important to choose the right people to work with you in order to take off some of the load on your back and help you do more, and achieve more, in a shorter amount of time. Make sure to filter out the tasks that you’re not good at doing, or that you know someone in your team is better at doing, and start giving them to the right people. This will help you do a better job, and make your clients happier while still organizing your time.

Invest in The Right Tools

Investing in the right tools can be a game-changer whether you realize it or not. Some tools are for beginners and take a lot of time while some tools are for professionals and are there to make your life easier. As much as cheap the other tools can be, investing in the right material, the right software and the right tools can help you save so much energy and a lot of time that could serve you and help you do better things, or land better jobs.


I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again. Priority is going to help you do so much more. Even if it looks unfair to you to prioritize some clients over others, but that’s how you’re going to put a piece of bread on the table. Some clients have more important and more urgent projects, and some other clients have some projects that are just not too urgent and don’t need you sweating about it. That’s why it’s important to prioritize projects by their importance, and by their deadline.

Take Some Time To Rest

It can seem to contradict to ask you to take some time to rest while you’re trying to achieve more and work more, but it’s what it is. Taking some time to rest will give you some clarity, some creative mindset, and some rest to help you get back in shape. Being tired will hinder your progress and will make you spend double the time you need on a single task.

Weekly Agenda

A weekly agenda is an important asset for all business owners and interior designers. It’s going to help you prioritize your time and see which tasks you’ve finished, which ones still need work, and which ones need to be finalized. That’s why it’s important to have one in order to manage your time and energy.


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