10 Brand Personality Examples to Help Your Business Become Unique

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10 Brand Personality Examples to Help Your Business Become Unique

When you own a business, growing it is a must. You must do everything within your range of possibilities and capacities in order to grow it. That is why a lot of people start a brand for their business. A brand enables your business to be consistent, to have a design and a template, and to have a personality.

Just like people, all businesses must have personalities. You can’t have a business without a personality which is why, if you don’t define your business’s personality, you will fail. For customers to choose you over another business, your personality must be defined and it must be better than the other ones.

That is why our guide today will be about brand personality. We’ll show you all the different 10 personalities that exist out there and how to find the right one for your business. You’ll quickly be able to get back on your feet and make your business succeed.

What Is A Brand Personality?

A brand personality is all the characteristics that make your brand unique. These characteristics should be human characteristics so that customers can relate to you and perceive you as a human more than a company. 

If your brand has a personality that customers like and that they can relate to, then they will purchase from you. The more your brand has a strong personality the more you will retain your customers and will make more sales. Personality is the one thing that sets you apart from the competition and will boost your brand’s recognition and exposure. 

Overall, there are 5 traits that set apart every brand which are: 

  • Sincerity: Where you’ll find generous, value-oriented and thoughtful brands.
  • Ruggedness: Where you’ll find brands that are sporty, rough, and outdoorsy.
  • Sophistication: Where you’ll find elegant brands.
  • Competence: Where you’ll find accomplished brands.
  • Excitement: Where you’ll find spirited, youthful, and carefree brands.

10 Brand personality type examples

Here are the top 10 personalities: 

The lover: The lover brand usually portrays aesthetic beauty and wants to ooze beauty and charm. The lover loves anything beautiful and wants to be perceived as something charming and desirable.

The explorer: The explorer brand is all about thrill and adventure. They’re always looking for new experiences and adrenaline-pumping experiences. This brand tries to deliver the same thrilling experience to its customers.

The sage: The sage brands are all about mental capacity and ways to grow when it comes to their mental capacities. That is why sage brands try to help out their users by giving all sorts of information or products that can help with what they try to achieve. 

The jester: Jester brands are all about cheerfulness and playfulness. They try to get across good vibes and great energy.

The ruler: The ruler is about dominance and supremacy. They want to be dominant, admired, and even feared sometimes. That is why ruler brands are about giving their customers the same experience.

The magician: These brands want their customers to be dreamers, have a magical journey, and achieve everything they want to achieve. They’re all about mystical experiences.

The caregiver: This brand cares so much about safety and security. They’ve got a motherly nature that wants to protect everyone at all costs. 

The innocent: This brand is about sincerity, transparency, communication, and fun. Their services and products revolve around these traits as well. 

The everyman: This brand portrays practicality, empathy, and fun. They avoid competition and anything negative. They try to make their customers feel fun and empathy on the same level. 

The hero: These brands try to save their customers by offering quality, value, and enduring products and services. The hero is all about saving and solving issues. Expect their products to offer the same quality.

Analyze Your Brand

If you want to create a personality for your brand, then you need to analyze your brand. To figure out the best personality that will fit your customers, then you’ll have to find all the traits that you impersonate. From all of the 5 traits that we’ve mentioned before, which one suits you best? Is it sincerity? Is it ruggedness? It is sophistication? Competence? Or excitement? 

After you determine which trait suits you the best, it’s time to come up with all the right words that describe you the best. Figure out all the right adjectives and words that represent you the best, and write them down. 

After you write them down, figure out which ones are the best. Someones won’t suit your brand, some will go perfectly, some won’t go well with others, and some will go great with the others. Filter the “not so” good ones, and keep the good ones. 

Think About Your Business

If you can’t figure out the traits or words that represent your business the best, then you should rethink your company’s values and traits. Ask yourself these questions and you’ll be able to come up with the best adjectives for your brand: 

  • What is your company’s message? The message you’re trying to get across.
  • What is your company’s mission? The one thing you’re trying to achieve so hard and make it shine through your work.
  • What are your company’s values? What does your company stand for?
  • Who are your customers? What is your niche and what type of customers are you trying to please? 

By answering all of the questions above, you’ll be able to find out your ultimate goal and message and will be able to find all the traits and adjectives that describe you the best. 


Brand personality is the best thing that you can offer your customers. Your customers want to experience purity and humanity. The more your brand can portray and impersonate human values and have a strong personality, the more it’ll gain customers’ loyalty and attachment. If you want to grow, then you need to keep your values intact, and your message clear.

So, which kind of personality do you want your brand to impersonate? And which personality type of those 10 did you like?

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