Google Ads vs Mediavine: Blog Monetization Options Review

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Google Ads vs Mediavine: Blog Monetization Options Review

You’ve recently started a blog, or you’ve been blogging for quite some times and you’re finally considering monetizing your blog. You’ve got a lot of options, you can either start affiliate marketing, sell courses, sell products, or use ad companies.

All those choices seem very tempting, and you might even choose all of them all at once. Yes, you can do that, and you can also choose just a few of them or even one. It’s all possible, and it’s all doable.

But, you’ve just wanted to settle for ad companies. You’ve found out that it’s the best choice you’ve got, and that no other form of monetization will work for your website. So, how can you do it? Monetization by ads is very tempting, and it works very great in bringing a steady income, especially if you’ve got high traffic. But you’re still lost, you don’t know if you should choose Google Ads, or just for Mediavine? The answer lies within these lines.

What Is Adsense?

Adsense is an advertising program that will help you make money online and without making any effort. Adsense was launched in 2003 by Google, and since then, it has become one of the most popular and successful advertising programs on the internet.

Adsense gives the possibility for all kinds of website owners to make money on the internet with just a click of a finger. Each year, Google pays publishers using Adsense over $10 billion, which means, it can make you a lot of money.

What Is Mediavine?

So, now that we know what Adsense is, it’s time to find out what Mediavine is. Mediavine is an ad management company that is also a monetization partner like Adsense that has been created to help publishers and website owners make a steady income through ads.

This means that Mediavine takes care of everything ad-related on your website, whether when it comes to how it’ll be displayed or how it can be rearranged on your website. Mediavine takes care of ads solely so you can keep focusing on creating high-quality content that will help in maintaining traffic and that will help you and them make a sustainable income.

What Else Does Mediavine Do?

Mediavine is also an internet publisher, they publish content on the internet that drives really high-traffic using famous websites such as Food Fanatics, The Hollywood Gossip, and so much more.

To add to their credibility as a company, Mediavine is also a Google Certified publishing partner which is not an easy title to acquire. Only a handful of websites on the internet can claim this title because of how strict are the qualifications. Since Mediavine has this title, that means it’s a company that is very serious and specialized in ad product, and it’s very trustworthy.

Adsense Vs Mediavine

Now comes down to the real question, what’s the difference between Adsense and Mediavine, and which one should you choose for your business?

How Adsense Works

To first understand the difference, one must know how each one of these networks works. Adsense is the oldest and longest-running ad company and solution that exists on the internet. And it’s also very easy to use. You simply apply to Google Adsense and if your website respects all Google’s guidelines and Adsense’s qualifications (which are not much) then you’ll receive an email welcoming you to the team. After that, then it’s only a matter of code. You can add a plugin to your website and then copy the code and add it where you want the ad to appear.

After you add it, Google will find relevant ads based on what you publish, what your website is about and your content, and it’ll start displaying ads. After you reach a certain threshold, you’ll start getting paid for your ad service. It’s easy, fast, and it’s very reliable.

How Mediavine Works

Mediavine on the other hand, partners with Google directly when it comes to ads. It collaborates with Google and other companies for AdExchange and that’s about it. To apply to Mediavine you’ll have to conform to some qualification (which can be hard) and then wait for them to accept your application and ask for proofs for the claims you’ve given them. After you prove your qualification then Mediavine will welcome you to the team, help you to set up your website and prepare them for its ads, and voilà, you’re done.

How Are They Different?

If you’re wondering how they’re different, then here are all the reasons why:

  • Mediavine does not only use Google’s ads for websites, but it can also partner with other companies as well and display their ads directly.
  • Mediavine is not only an ad company, but it’s also an ad management company, and a publisher.
  • To apply to Mediavine, you’ll have to have 25000 sessions on your websites. No, not views, but sessions. On the contrary to AdSense, which doesn’t require any minimum traffic.
  • Mediavine offers some really helpful pieces of advice and tools to help you make more money and maintain traffic on your website.
  • Mediavine takes care of managing ads on your website.
  • Mediavine pays a lot more than Google Adsense, any blogger who converts to Mediavine notices an increase of 50% to 100% in ad revenue.
  • Mediavine has an analytic tool and dashboard so you can keep track of your revenue and understand how everything’s going.
  • Mediavine works exclusively with the publisher, that means once you sign a contract with them, you’ll have to delete every other ad on your website, unlike Adsense.
  • Mediavine’s ads don’t slow your website.
  • Adsense support is very basic in comparison to Mediavine which has real people and real support and chat.

Which One Should You Choose?

I think the answer is pretty obvious based on everything that was said, Mediavine offers high-quality service and great payment. If you exceed 25K sessions monthly on your website, then the obvious answer would be Mediavine. But, if you still haven’t reached 25K sessions then you can go for Adsense which doesn’t have any minimum traffic.


Monetizing your website can be a very long process because of how many things you should keep in mind, and how many things you want to include. The safest option for beginners is to start with ads, and then move on, little by little, to other sources of income like courses and affiliate marketing. So, what ad company are you opting for and why? Is it Mediavine? Or is it Adsense?

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