How To Land More Customers And Increase Your Art Sales

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How To Land More Customers And Increase Your Art Sales

Remember that saying that artists only become famous once…you know? Well, that doesn’t have to be the case for you. You see, a lot of artists out there have found success while they’re pretty much alive, so, don’t discourage yourself.

Finding new customers and clients as an artist can be quite hard, there are just too many varieties in art and not a lot of people are interested in and knowing them all or exploring them all. Some people just like classical pieces of art, and some like everything that has a touch of modernity.

Whatever is the case, it won’t matter because, with this guide, you won’t have to think about pleasing all potential customers out there, you just have to think about your target market, and converting it. So, without any further ado, here are the steps to land customers and increase your art sales.

Understand Your Customer

Understanding your customer is always the key to success and is always the key to make more sales. So, how are you going to understand your customer? The first thing to do is to look for the people who have already bought art pieces from you.

The second step is to analyze these people and see what they all have in common. There are some certain criteria you can look out for which are psychographics, demographics, lifestyle and so on. By checking out all of these criteria, you’ll be able to find something that all of your previous customers share.

This piece of information is very important as it will be the one you’ll be using from now one in order to attract the right customers and the right people.

Understand Your Art

Another thing to consider is your art. You first have to understand your art in order to be able to sell it to other people. When selling art, you’re selling a story, you’re selling emotions, and you’re selling a background. All of which the customers have to relate to, or simply like.

So, in order to produce pieces, clients will actually like, you first have to go back to your inventory. Which art piece has been sold out the most? And which one has been sold the least? These two indications are very important as they clearly lay out for you the basics you should be working on.

The piece that has been sold the most is what your clients like and want to see more of, check out the colors, the style, the emotions that it gives off, those are the things you should be portraying in other pieces and products.

Now check out the piece that has been sold the least, check out the colors, and everything about it. There must be something missing about it that just made it unpleasing for potential customers and clients.

Make sure to understand your art and your pieces and only produce things that your customers want to actually see.

Ask Your Clients

Your clients are your asset. If you want to sell more then you have to talk to them. Go over to your clients and ask them simple questions, start with a simple conversation of “hi, how are you” and then move on to deeper things like “what is art for you” and what they see in art in general.

These questions will help you understand the type of clients you’re dealing with and what they expect from you in general. Do they just want something pretty or something emotional? Do they just want to décor their rooms and house or do they want something they relate to emotionally?

Make sure to find out the reason that pushes them to buy your art instead of other competitors and what makes you different in their eyes. These questions are very valuable and will help you understand more about your art, and about its value.

Create A Website

A website is awesome and is very helpful and handy. With a website, you can be anyone and everyone at the same time. You can be the artist, the visitor, the client, and everything else at the same time.

With a website, you can create an online art portfolio for your business, you can make a business website to come off as a professional and let your clients book appointments with you, you can create an online store with it and showcase your art and sell it without any effort offline, and so on.

There are just too many things you can do with your website and so many possibilities that you can explore. An art website can also be a blog where you speak about your passion and explain what arts are and how they change people’s lives.  You can experience with your website basically, anything.

Go To Galleries

Galleries are there for a reason, right? They’re there to help you grow as an artist and are there to help you showcase your products and arts to different customers. Galleries usually have a lot of traffic and a lot of people coming in.

Some people just come to see what’s new, what arts are exposed, and some come to actually make a purchase. That is why it’s important to be there when these people are there, go to a gallery, expose your art, welcome critics and welcome compliments and just be proud of your art.

Eventually, you’ll make sales.

Make New Friends With Other Artists

Artists should stick together and should unite together. Don’t consider other artists as competitors, but more like opportunities. Each artist has a personal touch and a unique style, that means their clients won’t necessarily be the same as yours.

But there are some of their clients that can like your work as well which is why you need to become friend with other artists. They might forward some clients to you and help you make more sales simply by existing.


The life of an artist is a life full of trouble and full of new challenges, mainly the challenge of bringing in new clients. But, hopefully, with this guide, you’ll be able to increase your sales and understand your customers better.

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