10 Leading Collaboration Tools for Distributed Teams in 2020

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10 Leading Collaboration Tools for Distributed Teams in 2020

Whether you own a business or not, there’s something you should know. Remote work is getting more and more popular amongst companies and amongst employees. You can nowadays work your dream job from home and in your pajamas without taking any transporting mean or without changing cities.

Remote work is on the rise because it’s just as effective as traditional work, and employees feel more comfortable and thus become more efficient. Plus, they benefit from flexible schedules and can work whenever they want to as long as they complete the job.

If you’re an employee who thinks about remote work or a business owner who wants to consider telecommuting and having remote employees, it’s important for you to find all the tools that will help you do it effectively. 

That’s why we came up with this guide. If you want to find collaboration tools for remote employees, then this is where you’ll find them.

These tools will help you communicate with them, manage their work, track progress, and work from anywhere you want!  

10 Telecommuting Tools

So, without any further ado, here are the tools you’ll need: 

Google’s Suite

Google is number one when it comes to a lot of services. It’s number one in search engines, it’s number one in blogging tools (Google Analytics and Google Search Console), so it’s no wonder why it would be number one in this as well.

Google’s products help people work wherever they are. You’ve got Google docs for article writing and copywriting, and you’ve got Google sheets for creating plans and strategies. You can create a team by collecting their gmails and giving them access to a drive where you can all work together.

The drive can have google docs and google sheets that contain the strategies and work they should do. And once they’re done with the work, they can add it to the drive for you to check it and see if everything’s done.

Google’s products are completely free and are completely efficient. If you don’t want to invest in any other tool or pay any subscription, then this is the ultimate plan.


If you need a messaging tool that can handle all the messaging that will go on between you and your team, then slack is great for it. Slack is actually a cloud-based platform that handles instant messaging. 

Slack offers chat rooms for you and your team that is organized by topics, you can access private groups, and direct message your team member whenever you want. You can include all the files you want, all the emojis you want, and so on.

Slack has both paid & free options. The free one only allows you to check the 10000 recent messages and search through them. 


Airtable is similar to a spreadsheet but better. It’s an advanced spreadsheet that gives you the possibility to organize everything and track everything. Airtable has the features of a database but instead, it’s organized into a spreadsheet. 

The fields look like cells in a spreadsheet but instead of being empty, there’s organized into types. You’ve got phone number fields, drop-down list field, checkbox fields, and so many other things. Airtable enables you to collaborate with your team, sort records, setup column types, link tables to each other, add records, and so many other things depending on what you want to do.


Zoom is an enterprise that is based on cloud computing to offer remote conferencing and video communication. Zoom is mainly oriented towards video calls to enable online meetings, online collaboration, chat, webinars, audio conferencing and so many other things, easily and efficiently. 

Zoom is highly reliable and it’s used by hundreds if not thousands of companies out there. They’re planning on collaborating with slack to offer video conferencing and online chat and messaging services. 


Trello is a list-making application that is oriented towards organizing work and life. It has over 34 million users and it’s very efficient. Trello enables you to organize your projects anywhere whether you’re at work, home, or in vacation.

You can create task boards, move tasks, update tasks to make sure if they’re done, in progress, or are still on the to-do list. It can be used by professionals as it can be used for personal matters. It has a lot of different uses whether it’s for real estate, software, school, and so on. It adapts to your needs.


Qwirls is about communicating with your clients in the best possible way. Qwirls helps you create proposals, sales, and beautiful documents that will get you more sales and more clients. You can allow your team to log into Qwirl and you can all create beautiful proposals that will hook any potential client. 

You can create quotes, reports, and so much more. It’s all about telecommuting with your client as well. 


Telegram is a cloud-based service that concentrates on instant messaging and providing voice over IP or VOIP services. Telegram’s messages are highly encrypted and secure this way no one can access what you send to your team and what your team members send back to you. They’ve got apps for windows, mac, iOS, Android and so on.


Want to make new employees sign your contract without moving across the country or moving across the city? Then HelloSign is great for it. It enables you to build your contract online and enables you to send it to your future employees to sign it. They can sign it online without having to move a leg.


Asana is a work management tool that enables you to organize tasks, create a to-do list, create ideas, reminders and so on. You can easily download it on your phone, laptop, or any kind of device to communicate with your team. Work on your tasks and projects from home, from the office, or from any other place you wish. 


If you can’t organize your ideas or your tasks and need a tool to help you with it, then Evernote is here to help. It’s a note-based tool that will help you create prioritizes and find out what you need to do first. It helps you in creating tasks, and even in brainstorming new ideas with your team.


Organizing work might seem hard if your team is made of remote workers, but it’s actually very easy. Once you start using one of these tools, you’ll quickly realize how everything is easy to handle.

So, which tool appealed to you most?

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