Why Call to Actions (CTAs) are Important for Every Page and Post on Your Website

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Why Call to Actions (CTAs) are Important for Every Page and Post on Your Website

You’ve probably started your website not that long ago, all is going well, but you’re still wondering how to get more traffic and how to convert that traffic. Well, there’s a thing called “CTA” which is short for call-to-action. 

Whether you know it or not, your website has a call to action or several ones. Whether it’s a contact form or a subscription form. Because whether you know it or not, there are several CTAs on your website.

A website’s success is dependent on how many CTAs it has, and how attractive they are. You can never find a successful website or a successful marketing campaign if there’s no call-to-action involved. That’s how powerful they are!

The concept of CTA has always been there, for quite some time even before the internet era. Newspapers, tv ads, and so much more! They all have call-to-action, so how can you include powerful CTA on your website too? That’s what we’ll find out through this article.

So, What’s a CTA?

Call to action is whatever encourages readers and visitors to take action. You try to take your visitor’s attention as much as possible and invite them to take any action, either fill out a contact form, a quiz, a subscription form or whatever it is.

If your CTA is powerful enough and successful, your conversion rate will be higher too! So, what does a CTA looks like in today’s world? In simple terms, it’s usually a copy that has a button encouraging you to tap it and click on it.

There are different types of calls to action, each one with a different design and each one with a different purpose. It can be used for different goals and for different actions. Whether it’s for buying a product, move to another page, or fill out a form.

If you’re wondering what the most common types of CTA are then here they are:

· Download

· Subscription form

· Buy/ add to cart

· Read more

· Forms

· Social media buttons

Here’s where you can find CTAs:

· Contact us page

· Blog posts

· Popup forms

· Side panels

· Slide-ins

· Ads

What’s In a Successful CTA? 

For a CTA to work, it needs to combine three elements:

· A great placement

· A great design

· A great copy

As simple as it is, your CTA needs to be placed in a great place where it can be spotted without any effort, it needs to have an attractive design that will hook them immediately, and it needs a great text that will serve as a persuasive copy.

If your CTA combines all these elements, then it will certainly be able to convince any visitor that comes across it and increase your conversion rate.

Should My Website Have a CTA?

As we’ve seen so far, CTAs can come in different forms, shapes, and sizes, but they all have the same purpose, make the visitor click and take action. How your CTA will look like and what goal it’ll have will depend immensely on the content of your website.

If you’re running an e-commerce website, then your CTA will be mostly ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’, on the other hand, if you’ve got a blog or a website that serves as a portfolio, then your CTA will be either an email subscription form, or a contact me form for hiring purposes.

So, now going back to the most important question, should my website have a CTA? The short answer is “Yes, for sure!”, every marketer knows that CTAs are crucial for a website’s success. They hook the visitors, and they generate sales, traffic, and help you get more exposure. It’s an essential tool in inbound marketing, and you should use it to its fullest.

CTAs and Sales Funnels are Best Friends

As obvious as this seems, but website owners and e-commerce owners out there need a constant reminder of this. The CTAs help potential buyers become actual buyers through a simple compelling copy and a button.

Whether you’re looking for more visitors to your website or more sales, this sale funnel will only be provoked if you put your CTA in a place where it’s clear as day. Make your CTA’s purpose clear and provocative, instead of “subscribe”, call it “Join our family” or “Get some free tips straight to your inbox” and so on…

Your CTA will also help in ensuring a user-friendly experience on your website, it’ll make moving through blog posts or pages easier, it’ll give your visitors what they want or what they didn’t know they need.

It’s What Your Visitor Needs

It’s not about your needs, it’s about your visitor’s needs as well. People are accustomed to them and know they’ll come across them. Every time someone visits a website, they know they’ll end up on an ad copy by the end of the page or a blog post. They rely on them to take them to the next page or to the next step.

Forgetting to include CTAs on your website can hurt it tremendously because readers will be expecting it, so if they don’t find them, they will be confused! So, make sure you include CTAs on your website wherever you can, this way you’ll make the user-experience for readers easier, better and worthwhile, and you’ll also help your business and have a higher conversion rate.

Sometimes, when I’m scrolling through a website, and don’t find a contact us form, I feel disappointed. How would I know if this website is trustworthy if I can’t even contact them when I feel the need to? So, keep in mind this information the next time you’re scrolling through your website.

Boosting your digital marketing

Without CTAs, your inbound marketing and digital marketing efforts will come to haste, they’ll fall short. There will be nothing that will encourage your visitors to take any action or to seal the deal.

There will be no next step, no scrolling through more pages or products, nothing! And because nowadays the attention span of consumers is getting shorter, impressing them is getting harder. So, without a CTA, you’ve just made it harder for you to impress them.

To Keep it Short

Forgetting CTAs can be disastrous, and it’s a risk you can’t afford, especially if you’re a small business.

Now that you’ve learned the secrets to a great CTA, what are you waiting for to make one? Keep testing and retesting until you find the perfect one.

So, which one of these tips was new to you? And which one will you be applying?

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