Blog Post Images: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

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Blog Post Images: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

20 years ago, blogging was all about writing updates and guides on your website. It was informative and it didn’t contain any images. And if it did, it’ll usually have a warning saying “Image Heavy”. That shows how much images were unimportant back then.

Nowadays, images are an essential part of every blog. The purpose of the writer is not only to convey bland explanations but to also move and touch the reader’s heart. Using images on your blog does just that! It can help you express your feelings and touch the reader’s hearts.

Using images on your blog posts can also positively affect your website’s SEO. Your post will attract more people on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more.

So, let’s dive deeper into this topic and find out why it is so good for you to use images on your posts and where exactly you can find these photos for free.

Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

Why is it so Important to Use Images on Your Blog Posts?

If the website’s visitor has to decide which post he’s going to read, he’ll choose the post with images that attract him and that he finds interesting. Like I said before, images are important and have to be an integral part of every post you publish on your blog. It attracts people and helps you excite and interest them.

Moreover, you have to use high-quality and optimized ones for SEO reasons.

First, in case you place a call to action buttons on your blog posts, the best way to do this is by using images that will catch the reader’s eyes and will make them click on it.

Second, high-quality and optimized images could rank first when people will search for the topic of your article on Google. This is an amazing way to increase the traffic to your website and get more visitors.

Where Can You Find These Images?

Finding high-quality photos is hard, and taking them yourself is harder, but you don’t have to take these photos by yourself. And don’t even worry about hiring a photographer and creating these images from scratch. In fact, there are much easier ways to do this. I’m here just for that. So, let’s check out how:

Use Stock Images

There are a lot of free stock image websites you can find online. Please don’t make the mistake most people do of researching a subject or a topic and taking the images from there. Those images belong to someone else and you don’t have the permission of taking them. However, these websites that we’ll show you have CC0 licenses that permit you to use their images. You can use every image that says it’s free and has a CC0 license for your website or whatever you need it for. So, don’t worry about any copyright strike.

Let’s look into the best stock photo websites that exist:

Footer is a site that has over 300 million free photos on it. Search and choose the images you want. The license of each image is placed under it. Also, some images require credit for the photographer or the creator of the image. It is the main problem of this site. Pay attention to this and make sure you comply with these licenses.

Pixabay is an excellent site that offers free or paid images. Most of the images don’t require any credit to the photographer and can be altered or modified. These sorts of images are released under Creative Commons CC0.

This is my favorite website and I personally use it for my blog posts. There is a various collection of beautiful images you can download. The best part is that all the images on Unsplash are free. You also can alter the image and you don’t have to give credit to the photographer. Try it out.

What if I Can’t Find a Suitable Image on Those Stock Websites?

Don’t be disappointed if you research images and don’t find ones that suit your topic in these websites. It’s okay, first think of what you did and how you researched the topic, maybe you used the wrong term or the wrong keyword, research again by trying other keywords and only then you can make a decision. In case you’ve done it all and still haven’t found an image that attracts and interests you, check out Canva.

Canva gives you the option of designing photos and drawings for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, banners, and more. With Canva, you can choose a pre-made design, you can modify it, and personalize it for your personal or business needs. All you have to do is sign up and start designing. I’m sure you’ll find there a suitable image for your article.

Remember, there is an image for everything. Trust me. You can literally search the most outrageous or weird photo online and find it on one of the sites I’ve already mentioned before.

Something to Think About

In our digital world, it is easy and cheap to build your own website. You can use images that other photographers have already taken for free. So, I would like to ask you to do something. In case you earn money with your website and if you’re already using stock photos, please consider thanking the photographer by donating him some cash.

The photographers are doing a wonderful job by sharing their knowledge and resources with us and it will be great to thank them.

In Short

Placing images on your blog post is important and essential. It attracts people, expresses your ideas better, and reinforces the SEO of your website.  You can find a various collection of free images on the internet. Look into the stock photo websites I mentioned ahead and choose the photo you find most suitable.

In case you want to learn more about How to upload, edit and use the images in your Avoori powered blog, you should check out Avoori media section articles.

So, what are the websites that you are using to find free stock photos?

Featured image: Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

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