Content Marketing Best Practices in 2020

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Content Marketing Best Practices in 2020

Content is what makes a website different than the other. It’s what every business works so hard on, and it’s what Google & your visitors notice first. Content is a very important factor for ranking, most visitors become loyal, not because your design is great, not because you offer free courses, but because your content is impeccable. 

Content will make visitors choose your website over another website, because you’re able to give and offer valuable information. No matter how hard you work on your backlink strategy, SEO strategy, marketing strategy and so on, nothing will make a difference if you offer poor content. 

That’s why as a business, you should concentrate all of your efforts on your content first, then move on to other steps like marketing & SEO. So, if you’re wondering how to improve your content marketing strategy, you’re at the right place. 

How To Improve Your Content

So, now that you know how important content is, let’s find out how you can improve it. 

Read Other People’s Content

Reading other people’s content is a goldmine that only a few people exploit. If you read other people’s content, you’ll be able to find out new topics that might interest your visitors, and you can find out new ideas that you didn’t know about. If you’re serious about your content strategy, then it’s very important to read other people’s blogs, other people’s articles, conduct a research, and find out how other people think and how users react to that content.

The more you read other people’s content, the more you learn how to write, the more you improve your writing, and the more you learn about content strategy. You can find out where other people include CTAs, opt-ins, and so on. These are valuable information that you can only acquire by visiting other people’s website. 

Analyze Your Metrics

Another way to improve your content’s marketing is to analyze your metrics. You can start by finding out how low or high you bounce rate is, and your conversion rate is. It’s better if you do this for each page so you can find out which one affects the others, and which one has poor content that needs to be updated.

By analyzing your metrics regularly, you’ll be able to find out if you’re doing anything wrong, and if the content you’re providing is something that your visitors are interested in. If you find out that some content has low views and impressions, then it’s quite clear that users aren’t interested by it. 

On the other hand, if it has a lot of views, but has a high bounce rate, then you’ll know that your content has been poorly written and needs to be updated. 

Update Your Content

Your content always needs to be up-to-date. If you think that old information will be forever green then you’re wrong. If the content you’re writing isn’t green from the beginning then it won’t be valuable after a while. 

That’s why you always need to go back to older content and find out how it’s written, edit it, update it, and so on. This way you’ll make sure that if your visitors go back to your old content, they’ll get as much valuable information as possible and that this won’t affect your user experience negatively. 

Your content needs to be nurtured, so, the better you nurture it by statistics, new information, and so on, the more it will be valuable for users and the better traffic it will get. 

Produce Better Content

The best strategy that you can follow for your content is to take already existing content out there that is considered as the best, and make it even better. If your competitor offers 5 tips to make your content better, suggest 6 of yours. If your competitor offers 2 freebies, offer 4 freebies.  Always make sure you’re better than your competitor and that you offer better content.

By doing this, users will choose your website over your competitor and will find your content better than that of your competitor. The more you apply this tip, the better your content will be, the higher your ranking will become, and the more visitors you’ll get.

It might seem simple, but it’s highly effective.

Try New Strategies

It’s important to be adventurous when handling a blog or a business. If you want to find a successful content marketing strategy, then you’ll have to be courageous enough to try new things and be prepared to fail.

Great strategies are not created overnight, they’re thought of, practiced, they fail, the marketer updates new things, try it out again, fails again, does the same thing over and over, until he succeeds. And that’s how successful marketers are created.

You need to accept failure as a part of the process, experiment as much as possible, learn from your mistakes, and apply new things. Over and over, until you finally find the right strategy for you. 

Improve Your Research Skills

Your research skills are very important when it comes to creating content. The better you can research, the better content you’ll provide. That’s why you need to improve your research skills and make them better. Learn how to research for great content and how to find keywords for your topic.

You need to find out what’s trending, what’s not trending, what your visitors like, what they don’t like and so on. By finding out these metrics, you’ll be able to improve your research skills, and improve your content marketing strategy.

How? Because you’ll only be able to produce content that your visitors want to see, and want to read. So, the sooner you start doing this, the sooner you’ll be able to produce more valuable and WANTED content.  


The content might be hard to create, but once you’ve got strategies in mind, you can easily start creating valuable and helpful content that will make all the difference in the world. Start implementing these tips starting this day on, and you’ll notice how they’ll affect your content marketing strategy. No one is born a marketer, but you can acquire the necessary skills to do it.

So, when will you start applying these tips?

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