Content Marketing: 70 Best Call To Action Texts for 2020

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Content Marketing: 70 Best Call To Action Texts for 2020

Any blog or website, as good as it is, will not be successful without a CTA (Call To Action). A CTA is a tool that marketers use to make a client make an action. It is used to lead the client to relevant action, mostly purchase.

CTAs can be used in websites, emails, banner ads or anywhere else. CTAs are placed where you want the audience to make an action for some reason, to make a decision.

Here is a list of the best CTA examples divided into categories I’ve made. Check it out.

CTAs Based on the “Free” Effect

People are delighted to get something for free, it is attractive and tempting. Offering something for free is a great way to entice clients, and show them your product. You can offer a free trial or a free download and it works easily. Here are some examples:

  1. Get it for Free
  2. Try it for Free, Now
  3. Free Download
  4. Click here and get the Deal
  5. Free Access
  6. Free 30 day Trial
  7. Sign up for Free
  8. Get this deal – Free
  9. Start now for Free
  10. A Trial for free

Direct CTAs – Going for All or Nothing

There are CTAs that follow the “All or Nothing” rule, they’re very direct and aggressive. They ask the client to make an immediate decision, to take action, at that moment or else… The client has to decide whether he is In or Out. It is also a good way to attract an audience to your product. Here are some examples:

  1. Sign up Now
  2. Join us Today
  3. Sign up
  4. Get Started
  5. Buy Now
  6. Add to shopping cart
  7. Create your account Now
  8. Sign me up Now
  9. Become a Member Right Now
  10. Shop Now

Visual CTA examples – Less Reading More Watching

There are many clients who want to see and watch content easily without reading the details related to the product. It is a great solution if you would like to sell something to your audience by using video or photos. Here are some examples:

  1. Watch the Tour
  2. See in Action
  3. Watch this Video
  4. Continue Watching
  5. See our Plans
  6. View Portfolio
  7. Look for More
  8. See how it Works
  9. Browse Library
  10. Watch it now

Detailed CTAs – Details and Facts

These are CTA examples for people who plan carefully what they are doing each step at a time. These are Call To Action buttons that lead the audience for more details and facts about your product. It can be by articles, tours, previews, and many more. Here are some examples:

  1. Live Preview
  2. Compare
  3. More Info
  4. Try the Demo Version
  5. Take a Tour
  6. Get Details
  7. Start Planning
  8. Click here for Details
  9. Learn what’s New
  10. View Features

Gentle and Simple CTA Examples

On one hand, this kind of Call To Action button is appealing and is not threatening. On the other hand, it is not forcing you to make a decision or to take action. Basically, these CTAs might succeed and convert well with the right niche or they will fail drastically if they chose the wrong niche. It all depends on your product and audience. You can try it and see the results. Anyway, here are some examples:

  1. Find out More
  2. Visit Site
  3. Check it Out
  4. Start here
  5. Get In
  6. Join the Community
  7. Start Creating
  8. Learn More
  9. Get Email Alerts
  10. Get on the Mailing List

Contact Us – for Questions and Requests

If you want to give your audience the chance to request and ask questions, this CTA type is for you. Your clients want to ask you questions and they want you to solve their problems. By doing this, they are connecting with you and might feel more tempted to buy your product. Here are some examples:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Ask a Question
  3. Call Now
  4. Contact Us Today
  5. Get a Quote
  6. Let us Know
  7. Keep us Connected
  8. For a Request
  9. Keep in Touch
  10. Send an Email

Limited offer CTA examples

This kind of CTA is great for sellers who want to sell their product fast and without lingering. Here are some examples:

  1. For a Short Time
  2. 50% sale for the First 50 Buyers
  3. Limited Time Offer
  4. Order Now and Receive a Discount
  5. Offer expires Tomorrow
  6. Buy Before it expires
  7. Free Gift for a Limited Time
  8. Ends in 24 Hours
  9. Purchase Today
  10. Last Day of Selling


A CTA or a Call To Action is an important and integral part of each blog, website or ad that tries to sell something. Its purpose is to lead the clients to take action. There is a wide variety of CTA types and each one of them is different. You have to pick a suitable CTA and place it on your ad or your website if you want results. It will lead your audience to make a decision and take action, just like you want.

By the way, if you are willing to build an online store or a website and place there the CTA’s ahead, you can try out our website. All you need to do is to pick a template, design it as you wish and place the CTAs you’ve chosen.

So, when will you be placing your next CTA?

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