How Content Planning Helps Grow Your Visitor Count

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How Content Planning Helps Grow Your Visitor Count

For a blog to be successful and enticing, it is important to develop a strategy for creating good content. If your blog is going to experience consistent growth, there will be a need for more content planning. It even becomes more important if you are working with multiple authors. One advantage of an effective and useful content marketing strategy is that you’ll create systems and mediums that will raise the interest of your customers and readers.

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How Do You Make a Content Plan?

In the planning of content, you must agree upon:

-The Style

-The Topics to write about

-The Type of Language

-The number of blog posts to write.

When your content is planned out well, your blog becomes attractive and more visitors will check it out. To help you achieve this, here are five important steps that will be helpful to create a proper plan:

Create an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is very important most especially if you are working alongside with multiple authors and you post a lot. This can be done easily using an editorial plugin or service with a drag and drop calendar for this purpose. By using these calendars, it is easy to choose a post for authors, editors, and to have a good record. This first step is important if you’re going to build a proper content plan.

If youre using Avoori, all website plans have an editorial calendar built in to each website. This allows you to plan and streamline your content creation process in an easy and visual way.

Brainstorm and Choose a Frequency

It is very good to brainstorm before you create the editorial calendar. The Brainstorming session can also involve the authors and editors. Allow everyone to make suggestions and state which posts they would be interested in writing in the nearest future. After the authors and editors have given their ideas and wishes, it is important to make a list and plot them out on the editorial calendar. To have an accurate system, you may also make sure your authors submit their posts few days before the publish date, this will provide time for you to proofread, edit if necessary and create illustrations to depict the message.

For your blog or website to grow well, you must publish content regularly. While there is no hard and fast rule, your site should establish some kind of frequency and stick to it. Sticking to a particular frequency will be appreciated by your readers because everyone loves a reliable schedule. As soon as you can commit to a chosen schedule, find a medium to communicate it to your audience, this will make them look forward to it.

Vary your Topics

Many blogs and websites fail to grow because the posts are often on identical topics. It is helpful to mix things up a little. Posting articles about nearly identical topics one after another may bore your readers. Although you can create a content series, try to make some changes to the subjects. Introduction of a video post can also make things dope.

Introduce News and Current Events

In planning your content, you should be aware of any major events coming up, which will be useful for mentioning in your post. This adds some spice to your website and gives you more things to talk about. For example, on a day designated for children (Children’s day), it would be great if you could bring in some useful things for children and many more.

Create a Style Guide

A style guide is a good idea for your website and makes it look more attractive. A style guide makes sure everyone writes and spells in the same way. Although every author should be grammatically correct in their write-ups, some differences, like the use of brand names, could differ. As all authors write for the same blog, it will make the blog look more dignified if everyone spells the important words in the same way. A style guide is very important for content planning.

How to Attract Visitors to Your Blog?

For a visitor to love your blog, it is important to have a good strategy for content creation. One thing many people misunderstand is that content creation is not about quantity, although for good success, both quantity and quality are important. Both quality and quantity will increase trust in your brand and attract audience. One of the strategies for quality content creation is the content must be original. This is essential, the content must be unique and creative. It should present different perspectives and be insightful. A great experience can also be useful from a unique angle.

Another Strategy for content creation is that the content must be well researched. All facts and numbers that you quote should be accurate. Surveys are also very important. When you do this, your audience will tend to trust your blog because they will learn new things that they can trust. Every fact must be true and accurate, which is only possible through good research.

It is also important to double-check facts. This is useful to prevent posting materials filled with errors. If a visitor reads a post with errors, they’ll probably never come back again. This will affect your visitor’s count. To prevent this, spellings and grammar should be checked appropriately. The use of double-checks will prevent errors and others.


Know your Audience. This is very cogent and the reason why your blog exists in the first place. It forms the basis of your content creation, and as such, is meant to be taken seriously. It is important to know what your audience likes/want, and then give them something perfect, which will suit them.

As long as they are getting satisfied, they will tell it to other people, and with that your blog will keep growing. The main reason why some blogs don’t grow is that they do not take time to know their audience.

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