5 Tips to Increase Online Sales in 2020

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5 Tips to Increase Online Sales in 2020

Having an online business means you’ll have to learn the art of convincing. Why? Because you’ll need to convince visitors to buy your products so you can keep your business going, and your expenses paid.

Having an online business can be very hectic. It’s a lot of work from the creation of your website, to selling your products and delivering them. So, now that 2020 is really close, you must be wondering if there any new tricks or tips that you can put to work to make your business make more money and more sales.

And luckily for you, this blog post is just for that. In this blog post, you’ll learn more about how to convince your visitors to make a purchase, and how to increase your online sales in 5 easy steps. 

You’ll come to know that, making sales is actually not that hard. All it takes is a little bit of dedication and a lot of patience. So, are you ready? 

Tips To Increase Sales

So, without any further ado, here are the main tips and ways to make your sales skyrocket:

Learn More About Your Customers

To be great at convincing, you’ll have to be great at researching. To know what your customers like and don’t like is actually very tricky, and this is where your research needs to come in hand. If you want to convince your customers to buy your products, then you need to look for what they like, and what they don’t like.

You can start by looking for them on social media, see what kind of products they’re more into, what kind of posts they like, what industries interest them and so on. You can also put down some surveys on your website or hire professional survey companies to do it for you. This way you’ll find out if there is anything, you’re missing about them, and what kind of products you need to add on your website. 

Understanding your customers, if your first key to winning over them and making more sales. If you don’t know what they want, then how can you actually convince them? That’s the question you should be asking, and the one you should be trying to solve.

Analyze Your Products

If you want to make more sales, then you should be analyzing the products that make you the most sales. Ever heard of the concept “winning product”? That’s the concept you should be concentrating on. In short, a winning product is a product that generates an imaginable amount of sales and it’s the most successful one you’ve got on your website.

If a product you have makes 50% of your sales, then that’s a winning product. So, if you want to make more sales for your product, then you need to analyze that winning product and find out WHY it’s a winning one. Is it because of the copy? Is it because of its nature? Or what? You’ll need to find out if it’s the kind of products people want, or if it just has luck with SEO, and so on.

If the reason it’s a winning product is because of SEO and content, then you need to create better content for your other products. If it’s successful because of its nature, then you need to research similar products to put on your website. Why? Because obviously your visitors are interested in that kind of product, and that’s what you should be giving them. 

Make Sure Your Design Is on Point

If you want to make more sales then you need to understand the psychology of your visitors. Anyone out there can present great products, but not everyone can present a great design. Design is very tricky and it’s very hard to master, which is why you need to make it an advantage for you. 

Your design should be elegant, modern, and easy to use to make sure your visitors quickly find their way into your website. It should be elegant and modern because it’s the first thing your visitors will see and it’s the reason their attention will be grabbed or lost.

If you create a good-looking website, then half of the job is done, and the other half is to present good products with great copy. A good-looking website makes your brand look trustworthy, professional, on-point, and it makes you look like you know what you’re doing, it also sets you apart from the competition and helps you stand out.

So, if anyone asks you why “design” in the future, you’ll know how to answer them. 

Convincing Content

If you want to make more sales, then this is a very important tip. Content marketing is alive and is very powerful, and it’s your way to make more sales and to increase your traffic. So, what is content marketing? It’s basically giving out your best content to the world, and hoping for results to come. Content marketing is about giving valuable, new, and helpful information to the readers that will help them make a choice, make their life easier, or learn new things.

In the case of products, then it’s about giving the best convincing copy. Your product’s description should be on point, well-thought-of, and very convincing. It should be clear, concise, not that short, and not that long.

It should provide real, helpful, and valuable information about your product that will help customers choose it, and will help set it apart from the competition. If the customer has to choose between you and another product, then it’s clear why your product description should be different and should be more informative. So, concentrate on your copy, and you’ll find that sales are skyrocketing. 


If you’re doing all of this yet sales aren’t still coming your way, then maybe it’s because you don’t have much traffic, and in that case, then you should concentrate on SEO. SEO is your key to make your website lead more traffic which will then convert to loyal customers.

You’ll have to make sure your website is fast, is navigable, is easy to use, that you use keywords people are looking for, and so much more. This way you can make sure that your bounce rate will decrease, and your conversion rate will increase.

By driving more traffic to a great website with great content, more sales are bound to happen.


The more you concentrate on the quality of what you’re giving out to the world, the surprised you’ll be at how much your website will become more successful. Great content, great products, and great SEO are the key to make ANY website out there successful. Use them wisely, and you’ll find out the truth.

So, which advice of these was new to you?

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