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Updated on: 18 November 18, 2018


Hey! Welcome to terms of service page. We want to thank you for using our services and to have you join our amazing community.

This page covers our privacy policy. Its really important for us to be transparent about your personal information, to define which information we collect and how we process it. In order to use any of our Services you have to agree to this agreement and to the Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected].


1.   Introduction

Welcome to privacy policy. 

Please read this agreement in depth as it includes important information about your privacy,

You are agreeing to this Agreement with Avoori (“B.ID: 311697288”) by using or accessing any of our services, our Acceptable Use Policy, Data Processing Agreement, Copyright Policy. In case you use any of our services for a business or an organization, this agreement becomes effective for your organization, on your behalf with your agreement that you can take responsibility for your organization for any of our services.

The references “you”, “yours”, “by you” and similar references are covered through this agreement. If you do not agree to all terms in this agreement, you may not use, view or access the services.

The references “we”, “us”, and similar references covered through this agreement cover all services provided by and brands under Capsula Group (“B.ID: 311697288”) including our third party hosting providers acting on our behalf.

Customers who are using our service, users with User Accounts and End Users who also view your site will be referenced as Users (“Users”). Please refer to the terms of service for all the terms which may not be defined in this policy.


2.   Effectiveness

The privacy policy defines the information we collect and how its processed for our own purposes. These may include your account information and the ways you interact with any of our Services. These include submissions for feedback, support, general questions and general information about your Platform’s End Users and visitors.

This privacy policy only covers the use cases our Services. If you are the End User of a Platform site, please refer to that site’s privacy policy for any clarifications.

In case of Users, please refer to the Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) to learn how we process User Content.

Please refer to the Cookie Policy to clarify what we do with cookies and similar technologies.


3.   Personal Information Definitions

We collect information which relates to your user account, this includes, your email address, your full name, your country and any payment gateway information that is returned to us.

We collect the feedback, support and other direct communications to us. In addition, when you post a comment on our website it may be visible publicly.

System information from your use of the Services or the Platform. Any statistical, analytical, IP’s, settings and preferences information, including browser type, languages, heatmaps information for scrolling, clicks and server information in general the Platform creates with the Users.

Information we receive from External Services, in order to better adapt our services to the users use cases.

Any information that’s relevant to the marketing we do to better monitor and improve our campaigns on various advertising platforms. 


4.   Personal Information Collection

We collect personal information in 3 ways. Some of the information is provided to us when you register for an account on our Platform, we use Cookies to record user information and some information is sent back to us from payment gateways or other External Services.


5.   Personal Information Usage

We use the information we collect in order to: contact you regarding transactions, service actions and promotions, to allow access to your User Account, to quickly process payments, adapt our advertising to your needs, collect feedback and surveys, allow you to improve our service and to customize it to your specific needs, to enforce the security of our system for everyone’s protection, External Services communications and relationships, law requirements for tax and others.

Your agreement is critical to ensure the functionality of our Services and Platform.

We need your consent to use the personal information in order to contact you, for legal purposes and for our marketing and growth interests. We may need to share your information with others in order to improve our services and to analyze the statistical information in order to upgrade and ensure the stability of our Services. We may also need to share your information with our partners for them to better understand your use cases, Platform and improve their offering.


6.   Personal Information Sharing

We share your information with affiliates, advertisers, service providers and business partners we work with to improve our service.

Transmitting your personal information when billing actions are required.

We share the End Users information with the Platform manager so they would be able to manage their Platform.

We hold the right to share some of your information if anything changes with our business including but not only, mergers, acquisition and others.


7.   Your Rights

You may contact our support email in order to change, modify, delete any information regarding your User Account. The management of End Users are handled by the Platform manager who has all the required options to do the same. 

You may unsubscribe from all but system messages communications by unsubscribing from the relevant messages sent to you.

After requesting personal information deletion, we will retain your personal information for law purposes.

In case of End Users, please contact the Platform manager for any information about your personal information and/or Account.


8.   Security 

Our teams work third o keep your information safe. We block access to areas where users are not allowed to access, firewalls and constant checks for any vulnerabilities our network may have at all times.


9.   Personal Information Saving

We keep your personal information as needed to provide you with our Services. We have a minimum retention period that is based on our experience on this topic and may vary depending on the amount of time a user has been active on our Platform. 

When users delete all their Platforms, we will keep your personal information and Account, so you would be able to use it at a later stage. You may fully delete your account by contacting our support email. Please note that some information is saved on our end forever in order to allow us to technically understand our users and for law purposes.


10.   Data Migration

Your personal information may be stored on the local device accessing any of our Services. This information may also be stored on servers around the worlds, based on our Platform design at the time, the location may be different than your current location and may comply with other privacy laws. We fully use and comply with Article 45-46 of the European GDPR


11.   Personal Information of End Users

The Platform managers (who purchased a website from Avoori) are responsible for the personal information they collect on their Platform regarding the End-Users.


12.   Changes

We hold the right to change this privacy policy from time to time to reflect any changes in the technology we use and the law. Please visit this page in order to be aware of all the relevant changes.




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