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Leader Reseller
Industry leaders and influencers

Monthly Price $12/mo $18/mo $26/mo
Discount for EACH NEW website
20% Off Retail Price
30% Off Retail Price
40% Off Retail Price

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make being a reseller?

This depends on how many websites you sell and the type of websites you are selling. If you choose the Leader Reseller package and get wholesale Online Store sites, you will have much better margins on these than selling personal websites.

Why Should I become a Reseller?

The resellers packages allow you to have additional savings on websites you would like to manage under your account or resell these websites as is or after you made some customizations to your clients directly.

What happens after I sign up?

How can I resell websites?

After purchasing a website at a wholesale price, the website is automatically added to your User Portal. You may then access the website, add a new user for the person you would like to resell the website to and send them the credentials or ask them to reset their account password on the website.

Why should I become a Reseller instead of referring people?

Can I whitelabel the websites?



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