How to Boost Blog Monetization by Improving the User Experience on Your Website

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How to Boost Blog Monetization by Improving the User Experience on Your Website

Having a blog means that more than often you’ll be concentrating on creating fresh content and creating other ways to generate leads so you can make money off of it. Because yes, starting a blog is hard, and monetizing it is even harder. You’ll have to concentrate all of your efforts into growing it first, and then monetizing it which can be very hard. 

Most blogs out there, when they’re just beginners, prefer adding ads to their website like AdSense or DoubleClick which lets them win a little bit of money by letting users click on the ads. This might not be the best way to make a great deal of money, but it does help in providing a small income that can help you keep up the quality of your blog. 

Including some ads can be helpful for you and not that intrusive for the visitor, but including too many ads can ruin your user experience and can result in lower traffic. So, how can you improve your user experience that will boost your blog monetization? That’s our topic for today. 

Blog Monetization

Blog monetization is including ways to make money off your blog. These ways can differ from a blog to another, some can be very effective and bring a big deal of money, and some not that much.

You can make money off of your blog by creating a course, selling an eBook, including affiliate links, including ads, and so on. Most successful bloggers prefer courses/services, eBooks, and affiliate links. And most beginner bloggers prefer adding ads because they still can’t make any affiliate sales.

Whatever you choose, you’ll need to keep in mind one thing, and it’s the fact that your user experience should stay intact and should not be impacted negatively by your monetization channels.

How To Improve UX?

So, without further ado, here’s what you should keep in mind if you want to preserve a great user experience but still be able to win money. 

Don’t Overwhelm Users

The biggest mistake you can make is to overwhelm your visitors with too many ads. Too many ads make navigating hard for users and impact their experience negatively. Imagine an ad that pops up every time you try to access another page or another post, it can be very infuriating. 

Besides this, ads have a negative connotation in the mind of the customer or visitor. Ads are highly linked to threats of malicious ad malware and other attacks that can threaten their computer or phone. That’s why customers and visitors mostly hate clicking on ads.

As a website owner, your main concern should not be money and monetization, it should be quality content and user experience. When users are attacked by ads on your website whatever they click on, then that’s a problem. You should know that even interstitial ads are no longer considered mobile-friendly and that Google no longer considers websites that use these ads as mobile-friendly because they can be highly annoying when placed improperly.

So, next time you add ads to your website, remember what visitors feel about them and try to make them as underwhelming as possible. If you don’t suffocate their user experience, visitors can click on ads willingly to help you make some money. 

Measure the engagement

You need to measure the effectiveness of each ad on your website and how it affects your SEO. If an ad is effective and brings a lot of clicks but affects your SEO badly, then that’s not an ad that you want to keep on your website. On the other hand, is an ad brings decent clicks and doesn’t affect your SEO at all, then that’s an ad you want to keep.

Analyze all of your website’s pages and find out which ads perform the better and keep your SEO intact. Those are the kind of ads you want to keep on your website, you should place all of them accordingly so you can get the best engagement with the least damage.

  • Bounce rate is important to determine how your ad affects your SEO. If your bounce rate is high, then you’ll know that the ad is affecting your page negatively. Why? Because users are exiting the page where that ad exists more than the other pages, which is a clear indicator that something is wrong. 
  • Loading time is also a clear indicator of how things are doing. If your page loads slower than the other pages, then that means that the ad is affecting it negatively by making load slower. Make sure to optimize your page more when it comes to images and so on, so you can optimize your loading time.
  • Ad viewability and engagement also says a lot about how your ad is doing, if it brings a lot of views and little engagement, then there’s something wrong. If it brings little viewability but a lot of engagement, then that means that its placement is wrong and need to change where it’s placed.

Optimize Your Website

To make sure you boost your monetizing, you’ll have to make sure you optimize your website as much as possible. How? By optimizing your speed, reducing your bounce rate and increasing your conversion rate.

The more you optimize your website for speed the more you make sure you’ll make sure your ads won’t affect your speed and thus won’t affect your user experience. Slow websites have a high bounce rate because visitors aren’t patient enough to wait for it to load.

On the other hand, fast websites have a low bounce rate because they quickly capture the visitor’s attention and make it last longer with additional tricks and steps.

You’ll also have to make your website mobile-friendly. You’re going to have to make sure that your website looks good on your mobile, loads fast on your mobile, and quickly grabs attention. By doing this, you’ll guarantee a website that is fully optimized, traffic that is consistent, and more clicks on your ads.


User experience is highly attached to how much money you’ll make on your blog. If you don’t value user experience then your website will lose traffic which will affect your monetization channels eventually. On the other hand, the more your user experience is better, the higher the traffic will be, and the more money you’ll make.

So, will you be concentrating on your user experience?

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