What is the Google Knowledge Panel and How Can We get It

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What is the Google Knowledge Panel and How Can We get It

Every year search engine results or SERPs get better and better at providing great search results for users. In their latest update, search engines implemented a new tool that is known as “Google Knowledge Panel”. Have you ever heard of it? If the answer is no, then this topic is made just for you.

What is Google Knowledge Panel?

Basically, Knowledge Panels are a sort of rich results you see on the screen when you ask Google certain questions on various topics whether it’s countries, brands, movie stars, etc’.

This rich result is very detailed, Google’s Knowledge Panel is a block located on the right side of your screen in the desktop’s search results. It shows a piece of organized information about what you’re searching for. The information you see in the panel is powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph (A kind of engine that connects all the relevant information on the internet).

If you have a panel, no matter what type it is, you can use it to affect your exposure online. Below, you’ll understand how, and you’ll able to understand how you can create a Google KP for yourself.

Why is it Important to Understand What it is?

Knowledge Panel is really useful if you want to be found for a search term like your company for instance. Google organizes the information about your company in the search results and creates the best search result possible.  It makes your company very dominating on the Google search results, both on the computer and the mobile.

Thus, Having a Knowledge Panel will increase the exposure to your company and will bring lots of clicks which will increase the traffic and bring you more clients. Not bad at all for my opinion.

What Can You Do About it?

There are no secrets, Google is the one who decides if your company will have a Knowledge Panel or not. But, there are several steps you can do. If you are a local company it will be possible to have a Knowledge Panel by following several steps but if you are a branded or a personal business it will be much harder.

As I said, it splits into 2 types of businesses – local and personal, let’s take a look at each one of them:

Local Business

If you as a local business that wants to have a Knowledge Panel you have to follow these  next  steps:

1.    Open a “Google My Business” account and verify that you are the owner of the business.

2.    Upload and edit all the relevant information about your business. It can be details like photos, addresses, working hours and prices.

3.    Verify your site with “Google Search Console” and add structured data markup for your business.

Following these steps is the best you (as a local business owner) can do to have a Google Knowledge Panel. By following these steps you’re not only increasing your chances of having a panel but you can increase your influence on the information that appears on your panel as well. In fact, Google decides if you’ll have one or not but do yourself a favor and help Google to “make the right decision”  and to do what is best for you.

Personal or Branded Business

To be honest, if you are a branded or personal business, the chances of you having a Knowledge Panel in Google are low.

But, you can always do your best to have a KP by checking and making sure you do these steps:

First, check out whether you have a “Wikipedia” page or not. Having one is the key to having a Knowledge Panel.

Second, you have to gain enough authority in Google. You can do several things about it. One of them is improving your company’s SEO. You can check out our website for a blog post about this. By using our platform, you don’t have to build your website from scratch. The best part is the featured SEO tools you can use with this platform. It will improve the SEO of your company’s website and you will upgrade your chances to have a Knowledge Panel.

Your Panel’s Verifying

Another important point you have to do is verify your panel. It is not a very hard process; you just need to follow the steps Google outlined for you.

In short, you need to login to your Google account and sign in to your official site to get the verification you need. Then, you will be able to suggest, change or edit details in the Knowledge Panel.

In Summary

Having Knowledge Panels in Google search results can be very useful. Owners of local businesses should follow the steps I wrote before and make sure they do everything they can to have it.

As for personal or branded businesses, it isn’t easy for you to have a Knowledge Panel but you can try our platform to enhance your website and SEO so as to have one.

So, do you plan on having a Knowledge Panel or not yet?

Featured image: Photo by Patrik Göthe on Unsplash

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