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Changing your account and site language

Your website and account are set by default to English and every element on your website whether it’s on the front-end or back-end are both set by default to English.

But, there’s always the possibility to change the language of both your account and site languages. Both are different and both can be changed separately.

Difference between both

Your account’s language is the language used on your dashboard and what all the other elements like “domain” show up in. 

Site language is the built-in text that is in your website and that your visitors will see from texts to dates.

Supported languages on Avoori 

The languages we support on Avoori are of the number of three:

  • English
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic

Change your account language

Your account’s language is what helps you navigate through your account and understand what each element is there for. Elements like “domains” “support” and so on are set by default to English but they can always be changed to the language you want.

To do it, then please follow these steps.

  1. Go to Avoori and log in to your account
  2. Go to your profile picture and click on profile
  3. Choose the language you want 
  4. Click save.

And that’s how you set your preferred account language and save it on your account.

Note: Just because you changed your account’s language doesn’t mean your website’s language will change. You can only change the language of your own account, if there are any other contributors or administrators, they won’t be affected by this change.

The change in the language you’ve set applies to all of your profile’s dashboard. 

Change your site language

Your website’s content is also set by default to English, but it can always be changed to either Arabic or Hebrew. 

To do so, please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your website’s and go to your home menu
  2. Go to settings and click on general
  3. Go to site language and click on the dropdown menu
  4. Choose Arabic or Hebrew
  5. Click on save 

Your website will now show up in the language you’ve set.

avoori account management

Note: The language you choose will be used for built-in texts and not for the texts you’ve added yourself on pages or posts. This option doesn’t translate texts you’ve added on your own. The language you set for your website will be applied to other contributors as well.

What will be translated on your website 

Once you choose your website’s language, some elements will be translated in the language you’ve set and some will not, so, here are the elements that will be translated and the elements that won’t be.

What will be translated

  • Dates and times 
  • Placeholder texts on your website like the one your search block
  • Texts on tools like appointments & bookings, email marketing, SEO and so on 
  • Block text on your website like form blocks 
  • Elements like comments, next, previous on blog posts.

What won’t be translated 

  • Any text you’ve added yourself on your website like blog posts
  • Demo content and texts used on templates 
  • Comments if they’re posted in a certain language 
  • Calendar’s content and structure 


Will changing the site language change text I’ve added?

Any text you add on your website on your own whether it’s in content blocks, products, or blog posts will not be changed if you change your website’s language. That content needs to be translated separately by you if you wish to translate it.

Can I choose a site language that’s different than my account language?

You can choose any language you want and that suits your preference. Your site’s language can be in English while your account’s language can be in Hebrew. These two elements are both independent of each other and won’t affect how you handle your website or how you manage it.

My site language didn’t change after selecting a new language

If your website didn’t change the language after you’ve set a different one, then the website doesn’t support that language as some websites can only support English. You can choose another website is English doesn’t suit you or you can proceed to let it as it is. If the website supports other languages but it still didn’t change, then please contact our customer support to open a ticket. 

Can any contributor change my website’s language?

Your website’s language can only be changed by you the owner or by an administrator because only these two roles can customize and edit the website as wished. But, if you’re the owner, you’re the one who has the upper hand and can change the language whenever you want to.

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