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Managing your email preferences

After creating an account on Avoori and starting a website, you’ll begin to receive emails from us every now and then concerning every update. You can choose to manage these email preferences whenever you want to by going to your account. 

Note: If you haven’t received any email from us from the day you’ve created your website, then please contact our customer support.

Update your email preferences

Your email preferences can be customized on your own website. First, choose the website you want to no longer receive the notifications from, and then follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your home menu > go to settings > go to general.
  2. Choose the email you wish to receive notifications on 
  3. Click on save 

avoori account management

Then you can go to each setting from comments to your online store and see if you wish to receive notifications related to that setting or not. 

For comments

You can choose whether or not we can email you any time someone comments on your posts or not or if a comment is held for moderation. 

avoori account management

Unsubscribe via email

If this feels like a lot of work, then you can always unsubscribe from your email. You can go to the email we sent you, scroll down, and choose to unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive notifications from us. 

This unsubscribing works only for optional emails, but mandatory ones that remind you of your billing ad website ownership will still make their way to your email inbox.

Commerce emails

If you have an online store plan, then be prepared to receive more notifications as people will be placing orders.

  • New order: You’ll receive a notification every time a new order is placed.
  • Canceled order: You’ll receive a notification if an order is canceled.
  • Failed order: You’ll receive a notification if an order fails.
  • New renewal order: You’ll receive a notification if an order is renewed.
  • Subscription switched: If the customer switched the subscription, you’ll receive a notification.
  • Canceled subscription: You’ll receive a notification if a subscription is canceled. 
  • Suspended subscription: If a subscription is suspended, a notification will be sent to you.
  • End of sale report: A notification will be sent at each end of the sale report.
  • New booking: A new email alert after each booking.
  • Admin booking canceled: If a booking is canceled, you’ll receive a notification.

To manage these emails, please go to your website, home menu > settings > online store > emails, and choose the email you want to manage.

avoori account management

Email notifications contributors receive

Depending on the role your contributors have, they’ll receive an email notification based on their permissions and what they have access to.

If they’re writers, they’ll receive notifications of comments on their posts, and so on. 

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