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Permanently deleting Your Account

If you want to delete your account, then you first should know that all of your data will be removed and deleted. You can delete your accounts by opening a ticket with our customer support and explaining why you need to delete your account as we still haven’t set up this option to be automatic for customers. 

This guide is here to help you understand what will happen to your account once deleted, what you really want to do with your account, what to do before you delete your account, and how to submit a ticket. 

What happens when your account is deleted

Deleting your Avoori account means deleting every information you have on your account once and for all.

It means:

  • Giving up on all of the websites you own.
  • Deleting your account and earing all of its data. 
  • No longer being able to access it, not now, and not in the future. 

If these are things you are prepared for and don’t mind, then you can proceed with deleting your account. 

Prepare to delete your account

To delete your account, you should first prepare it first. You can read these steps and decide whether or not you want it to be done, but it’s important you go through them to decide what you need to do. 

1. Export your content or sell ownership 

If you have a website that you want to export somewhere else or no longer need and want to sell, then you need to first export its content from Avoori into a file or open a ticket to sell ownership. 

If You choose to export the content on the other hand, then you must know that not all information and data will be on the export file. Some information might have to be downloaded separately. 

2. Cancel your subscriptions 

If there is a website that you no longer want and no longer will need, then you have to cancel their subscriptions. You can’t delete expired websites or trial websites, but leaving them inactive for 4 months will make them be automatically deleted by the system.

The most important is for you to cancel all of your subscriptions so they no longer will be charged from your account. 

3. Download your invoices 

If you know that you’ll need your invoices for tax reasons or to prove you’ve paid for everything during your use of Avoori,  then download your invoices from your account. Go to your account > billing information >subscriptions and then download the information you need.

Keep your invoices in a safe place.

avoori account management

4. Let your customers know

Your customers have been there for you since day 1, and it’ll only be fair to let them know through an email that your website will no longer be active or that you’re starting a new journey.

Use Avoori newsletter to send a goodbye email to your customers where you’ll explain what’s needed to them and what’s next for you.

5. Transfer your domains or cancel them 

If you have a domain name purchased under Avoori domains or that you’ve transferred to Avoori, then you might want to consider one of these two options: 

  • Either cancel the subscriptions of your domain names so that you’ll no longer be charged. This option means you’ll have to give up on that domain name and leave it for someone else to take.
  • Or, transfer your domain name to another third-party provider this way you can keep your domain name and host it either using Avoori in the future or another hosting provider. This option is the safest for preserving domains.

6. If you’re a contributor

If you’re a contributor to a website and want to delete your account permanently, then you might want to consider telling the owner of the website about this. Deleting your account means the blog posts you’ve published under your name might be affected which is why you need to let them know before you delete your account. 

What happens to a deleted contributor’s blog posts

If you have a contributor’s role on a website and have already published blog posts on the said website, then don’t worry, those blog posts won’t be deleted. Your name and information will be turned into a “basic author” which will be used to refer to you as the author of those blog posts.

Then, it’s up to the owner to decide whether or not they’ll want to make those blog posts written under the name of another author or leave a basic author.

How to request to delete your account

After following all the steps above, it’s time now to delete your account on Avoori. You can always skip this step if you feel like deleting your account is not the right choice.

Reminder: Deleting your account means letting go of all of your data, websites, and domains and starting from scratch once again.

Contact our customer support

Our customer support is available 24/7 for all types of requests and questions. 

You can contact them at any time to open a ticket to delete your account. Please be prepared to explain the reasons why you’re deleting your account while making sure to have followed all the steps we’ve shown above. 

Our customer support will make sure you have followed our guide and will then proceed to delete your account after asking one last time if you’re sure about your decision.

Bear with us in this process as it means we’ll have to delete all of your content and information from our website.

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