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Transferring site ownership

If you’ve got a website on Avoori that you no longer want to own and want to transfer to another person to own, then it’s possible. Once you transfer the ownership, you can still be an administrator but if the new owner chooses not to, then you won’t be. 

The new owner will become an administrator and can control the website as he wishes and can change the permissions as he sees fit. 

Changing site ownership is especially helpful if you want to sell your website or if you’re a designer who’s done with customizing the website and wants to give the owner their website.

Difference between Administrator & Owner

A site’s owner is very different from an administrator, their power is limitless in comparison to administrators.

The owner can remove any administrator at any time and can change any aspect of the website, there can also be one owner while the website can have a lot of administrators. 

Before you transfer the ownership 

  • You can’t transfer the website’s ownership if you’re not the owner. 
  • If you change the ownership, be ready to change the billing information as well. 
  • Changing the ownership doesn’t affect your website SEO-wise or billing-wise. 
  • The new owner must be a contributor to the website.

Transfer ownership

At this stage, the transfer is still not an automated process. So, in order to transfer your site’s ownership please follow these steps:

  1. Open a ticket with our customer’s support 
  2. Explain your request 
  3. Wait for them to guide you through the process
  4. Transfer the ownership 
  5. Confirm & finalize the transfer

What To do next

Once you transfer your website, the new owner should then proceed to follow these next steps:

Change your billing information 

You need to remove the billing information of the last owner or the subscriptions will be charged from their credit card every month or every year. Change the credit card information for billing for the website that got transferred to you. 

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Manage user roles

After becoming the new owner of the website, the last owner will still be an administrator on the website with the contributor’s rights. If you don’t want them to be a contributor anymore then go to your website, users, and manage your users by removing the ones you want and adding the ones you want. 

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