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Your Account Dashboard

Your account dashboard on Avoori is your gateway to access your websites, domains, profile information, and even billing information. The account dashboard serves as an all-in-one place to help you find what you need easily, even if you have multiple websites and multiple domains. 

How To Open Your Account Dashboard

To get access to your account dashboard, then please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Avoori’s homepage and click on “login”
  2. Enter your email and password and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you can see all of your websites.

avoori account management

Note: If you have trouble logging in your account, then try to change the browser or verify your internet connection.

Note: Your account’s dashboard shows all of your websites, if you want to edit each one individually then click on the website you want to edit.

Websites’ Preview

If you log into your account, the first thing you’ll notice is that websites have preview images. The preview images are of the template you chose to build your website. So, each website preview will look different based on the template you’ve chosen.

The first time you build your website, the image preview might not show up, it might take about an hour until it shows up. 

activate your website

Websites You can see

On your dashboard, you can see websites you own and even websites you contribute to. You can also see expired websites if they’re younger than 4 months. To figure out which website you like, just check out the name and preview image and click on it to edit what you want. 

What you can edit about the website you’re clicking on depends entirely on your permissions…

If you’re an Admin, then you’ll get access to all of your website’s information from billing plans to site title, but if you’re a writer, then your permissions are more or less restricted. 

For expired websites, you’ll see that underneath there will be an “activate” button. That’s your cue to know if the website expired, you also can’t edit it the expired websites and if you access their URLs they’ll show an expired website page.

avoori account management

Remove a website

If you’re a contributor on a website and want it to be removed from your dashboard, then you’ll first have to remove yourself as a contributor.

Ask the admin of the website to remove you from the website’ user roles or remove yourself. 

On the other hand, if you’re the owner of the website, then you can’t remove it from your dashboard. If your website is expired and is inactive for four months or more, then it’ll be automatically be removed from the system.

You can not remove it yourself.

Check your domains

Your domains are accessible on your dashboard as well, even if they’re connected and not transferred. The dashboard shows all domains whether they’re:

  • Bought from Avoori
  • Transferred to Avoori
  • Powered by a third-party provider and connected to a website 

To check your domains, then go to your account, log in, and go to the domain tab. 

To access the domain you want and check its information, then just click on it. You can check its DNS information and the website it’s connected to. 

To add a new domain name to your dashboard, then just click on the top and choose whether you want to buy a domain name or connect a domain name to be redirected to the right page. 

avoori account management

Account Dashboard and billing

You can access your website billings from your dashboard as long as you’re the owner or the admin of another website. You can view your billing information, payment history, invoices, the details of every subscription for all websites, even expired ones.  

You can always change your billing plan for a website by either upgrading or downgrading by checking out our guide.

avoori account management

Manage your account

If you want to manage your account or edit some information about it, then please go profile. 

You can then edit these types of information:

  • First name 
  • Last name
  • Website 
  • Your profile picture 
  • Password 

Each information is important. Your profile picture shows up on your website, your first and last name can be used for authentication and on your website. Your password is there in case you want to change it someday.

avoori account management


You can access all of your account’s details by clicking on billing details. After clicking, here is the information you’ll have access to:

  • Orders: You can check if you have any order details here and see if you want to cancel any order.
  • Subscriptions: To check your website’s subscriptions and see which ones are still active and which ones are not.
  • Account details: Just as the profile information, you can also change your email address here.
  • Downloads: Your download history if you have one on your websites.
  • Dashboard: An intro of what your dashboard is there for. 
  • Log out: In case you want to log out from this page.

Support Section 

Yes, you can access the support section from your dashboard as well. In the support section, you’ll find all the information you’ll need to understand your way around Avoori and get used to it. There are guides that will show you what to do from A-Z. 

It all depends on what you need from the support section.

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