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Add Google News Site Map for Your Website

Google News is a Google platform for sharing the latest news worldwide. All the news that you see at Google News isn’t written by Google employees. Google rather, just like its search engine showcases content from the relevant and authoritative sites for the topic.

Professional website owner knows the value of getting a site indexed into Google News. The traffic Google News can bring to your site is exceptional for both exposure and revenue. In the case of Google Search Engine, you just need to have a website resource and Google will automatically index your website over time. At times, you may need to do on-site optimization and build some social standing including link building to be able to appear in Google SERPs for your desired keywords.

In the case of Google News, one needs to apply for inclusion in Google News network of sites. Without it, none of the upcoming Google News Sitemap suggestions would work. It’s not impossible to become a Google News enabled website. But there are a few prominent steps to comply with their content policies and technical news indexing guidelines. So if you believe to have news worthy and quality website, you must submit your site for inclusion in Google News. Here are the Google guidelines to submit your website for inclusion.

Google News Sitemaps

Once you’ve got your site Google News approved, its time to implement Google News Sitemaps. These news sitemaps provide Google with metadata regarding the news content that you publish on your website.

So Google will not be doing guesswork but will exactly know the details about the news you’re publishing. The news sitemap lets you ping Google to let them know about the content that you want to submit to Google News. The news sitemap points to the URL and therefore the crawler will directly crawl the given URL for each news article ensuring complete coverage.

The news sitemap not only identifies the title but the publication date of every article. So that Google News display relevant information based on a number of factors, one of them is the freshness of news as well.  Google uses genres, access tags and keywords to specify the type of content contained in the article.

You now have a firm background about Google News and Google News Sitemaps as to how it all works. To get a glimpse of the news sitemap code, here’s the Google News sitemap protocol.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <urlset xmlns=”” xmlns:news=”“> <url> <loc></loc> <news:news> <news:publication> <news:name>The Example Times</news:name> <news:language>en</news:language> </news:publication> <news:publication_date>2008-12-23</news:publication_date> <news:title>Companies A, B in Merger Talks</news:title> </news:news> </url> </urlset>

To enable and view your sitemap, you need to enable permalinks (not default one), save settings and click over flush permalinks to continue.

You don’t need to worry about the Google News rules as the system will respect the rules of Google News: Only articles published during the previous two days, and, to a limit of 1000 articles, are visible in the sitemap to keep up with Google News content policies.

You then have the option to do the following:

View Your Sitemap

Ping Google Manually

Flush Permalinks

Finally, just check “Enable Google News Sitemap” to activate Google News Sitemap.

Enter your Publication Name as it is used in Google News. And Select your Custom Post Type to INCLUDE in your Google News Sitemap from the following available options. Most often, companies prefer to only keep Posts/Pages in Google News Sitemaps.




Form Entries

My Library


Broken Links



At the end of the process when you are done with configurations, do not forget to click “Save Changes”. It will save your preferences and active Google News Sitemap with the configuration you’ve chosen. That’s it, you’re done!

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