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About Avoori Appointments & Bookings

Avoori appointments & bookings is a special feature of Avoori that will help you set up a scheduling system that takes care of booking appointments and services online. 

It’s an easy-to-use feature that will help you concentrate on managing your business and still be able to get appointments without any hustle.

This feature applies to your business whether you’re offering courses, workshops, or even private sessions.

Avoori appointments & bookings can be used for a lot of things which are: 

  • Sell membership plans on your website
  • Sell different types of services 
  • Accept payments whether they’re online or offline 
  • Manage your appointments 
  • Manage your services 
  • Manage your clients 
  • Check client’s past bookings 

How to get started

First, choose a business plan or an online store plan to get started, and then check this guide. 

Note: There are some templates that come with Avoori appointments & bookings already added.

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