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Changing The Settings in Avoori Appointments & Bookings

To be able to customize your bookings settings further, then it’s very simple.

First, go to settings, then choose the online store, and then bookings.

Store Availability

Bookings & Appointments

This option will enable you to customize your store availability; or in other words, it will help you set the opening and closing hours of your store. 

To set the availability, you have to create a new row in range and customize the type, from/to, priority, choose whether it’s bookable or not, and give it a name.

By choosing the closing and opening hours, All bookable products will adopt your store’s availability, which means if you open at 8 am, and you’ve got a rest in between appointments of one hour, then your first appointment won’t be until 9 am.

Time Zones

Bookings & Appointments

In this option, you’ll be able to determine the time zone you want to be displayed on your website.

There are two options:

  • Either display local visitor’s time which means it’ll change depending on where the customer lives in the world.
  • Display your local time which means the time zone will be determined from where you live and won’t change.

You can either choose one of these, but first, make sure to tick on “enable booking timezone calculation”.

This is, of course, the case if you want a time zone to be displayed on your website, if you don’t, then untick the “Display a timezone” checkbox.

The calendar start day is also customizable, you can either:

  • Set start day from visitor’s locale
  • Set start day from general settings ( which is usually set for Mondays)

If you want it to be changed, then just go to general settings, and tick the box of the day you want and save changes.

Bookings & Appointments

Calendar Sync

Bookings & Appointments

This one is rather very simple if you want to start syncing with Google Calendar on Avoori  bookings and appointments, then just click the “Connect with Google” button on the page in order to authorize your store to access your Google calendar.

Reservation Settings

If you’re a hotel with check-in and check-out time, then this is the option for you, go ahead to reservation settings and fill in the time of your check-in and check-out to let you customer know when to present themselves, and when to go out.

Bookings & Appointments

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