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Display a Calendar of Bookable Products

In case you have a number of bookable products you have on your website, you may want to display them all in a single calendar on any of your website pages for a faster booking process.

To display the calendar, insert a text module on your page and in the contents place the following shortcode:


You may customize your shortcode with additional parameters to filter some of the contents that go into your calendar. The available options are:

  • product-ids = “123, 321” {listing the product id numbers you want listed on the calendar}
  • category-ids = “456, 654” {listing the product category ids}
  • resource-ids = “678, 876” {listing the resource id’s},
  • show-date-nav = “true, false” {choose if you want to display the date navigation controls},
  • date-range-type = “this-month, this-week, this-day” {show monthly, weekly, daily calendar}
  • show-sold-out = “true,false” {show your sold out bookings as well}
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