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Displaying Your Products Otherwise

Sometimes, you’ll want to display different products in the same page or in the same post while still displaying their availability. It might be difficult to do that on your own, which is why we came up with short codes to help you display all of your products at once.

You’ve got two options:

  • A calendar
  • A scheduled list

To Display The Calendar

Displaying the calendar is quite easy. All you have to do is go to where you want to add it, and click on add new row, choose how many modules you want, and then either search for code or text.

Bookings & Appointments

Bookings & Appointments

Insert “[bookings_calendar] »  and wait for the calendar to appear.

Bookings & Appointments

By default, the calendar is set to month and is set to show all your bookable products like so:

Bookings & Appointments

Here’s the calendar after customizing the short code and setting it up to this week:

Bookings & Appointments

And here’s what happens when you customize the navigation control to false:

Bookings & Appointments

What You Can Customize

You can choose the products you want to show by inserting their product ID in the text like so product-ids = “123, 321”. 

You can choose which category of products you want to show by choosing the category ID.

You can choose which resource exactly to show up by choosing the resource ID.

You can choose whether or not you want to display the date navigation controls by either choosing true or false. 

You can only show a calendar of a week instead of a month by choosing this-week, or by choosing this-day. 

You can choose to show customers that you sold out all of your bookings by choosing true.

For more details on how to customize each one check our guide.

To Display The Scheduled List

The same goes for the scheduled list, you should follow all the steps as before but instead insert :


Then the scheduled list will appear like so: 

Bookings & Appointments

What You Can Customize

You can customize the scheduled list the same as the calendar, but there are other options in this one which are:

  • Choosing whether you want the scrolling to be finite or infinite by inserting infinite-scroll-enabled = “true, false”
  • Choosing how many slots to show per page
  • Choosing whether you want to display all days even when there are no events for them

By defining false on the finite scrolling, your scrolling will be infinite and will look like this:

Bookings & Appointments

Every time you scroll there will be more slots showing up.

Bookings & Appointments

After defining the slots to a number of 8, here’s what happened.

Bookings & Appointments

After defining the short code to this week and still preserving the slot of 8.

Bookings & Appointments

For more details on how to customize each one check our guide .

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