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Getting Started with Avoori Appointments & Bookings

Creating an Avoori website

In order to benefit from Avoori appointments & bookings’ feature, you’ll first have to create an Avoori website. 

Go ahead to Avoori and click on Get Started to benefit from a 14-day free trial website, enter your full information and you’ll get redirected to templates where you can choose one. For more details check our guide on how to start a free trial website.

You can start customizing your website right away with the page designer. The pager designer will give you full control over your website and will help you set up a website easily, and in a matter of days. For more details check getting started guide.

The free-trial website comes with a generated website name based on the information you’ve submitted, you can choose to either link your website in the admin panel to a domain name you already have or buy one with Avoori, for more details check our getting started with a new domain article

After the 14-day trial is over, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card information, and choose which pricing plan you want and if you want it paid annually or monthly.

In order to benefit from the Avoori appointments & bookings, you should either choose the online store plan or the business plan, whether you want to pay monthly or annually that’s up to you, although the annual plan is much cheaper. 😉  

Understanding How Avoori Appointments & Bookings Work

Avoori Appointments & Bookings is activated simply by adding a new product that is called a Bookable product. 

These bookable products com with the options to help customers choose the availability, check the pricing, and even resources. 

So, in order to activate your Avoori appointments & Bookings, you’ll first have to create a bookable product. 

When a potential customer or client checks the bookable product, they’ll fill out their availability and rest of the booking form and they’ll either add the booking to their cart and pay immediately, or ask about the booking’s availability waiting for your approval to pay. 

If you’ve set your appointments & bookings to be automatic without any approval, then clients will automatically pay, if not, then you’ll have to approve the client’s bookings to sign them an appointment and for them to pay you.

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