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Managing Bookings

Bookings List

To check all the bookings that have been done, simply go to Bookings. A list of bookings will appear if clients have made a booking.

You can filter out the booking by clicking filter booking and selecting the options from the menu at the top. 

You can either filter by dates, by choosing a specific month.

Bookings & Appointments

You can also use bulk actions if you want to do the same thing to a number of products. 

You can:

  • Move to trash
  • Confirm bookings
  • Unconfirm bookings
  • Cancel bookings
  • Mark bookings as paid
  • Mark bookings as unpaid

Choose the bookings you want to apply this to, and click on “apply”.

Bookings & Appointments

To search through the bookings, all you have to do is go the top right where you’ll find a search box. Fill out the search box with what you want to search for, and confirm.

Bookings & Appointments

Approve bookings

To approve a booking that requires confirmation on Avoori, all you have to do is:

Go to Bookings and see if there are any products that require confirmation; these products will display Pending Confirmation.

Confirm the booking and you’re done. The user should receive an invoice via his email stating his purchase and giving him a link in order to pay his order.

View a booking

If you want to take a look at the booking and see it in the details, then just hover your mouse over the product, a button in blue saying edit/view will appear next to the product’s name, click over it and you’ll be moved to an edit/view page where you can see all the details.

Bookings & Appointments

All the details can be edited, so it’s up to you to choose what you want to be changed. Make sure to save everything before you exit.

Booking Status

  • Unpaid: Means the booking hasn’t been paid yet.
  • Pending: Means the booking still hasn’t been confirmed by the admin. 
  • Confirmed: Booking is confirmed, but still hasn’t been paid.
  • Paid: Booking has been paid.
  • Cancelled: Booking has been cancelled.
  • Complete: Booking is paid, and the booking has been done and completed.
  • In Cart: Booking is still in the customer’s cart, it still hasn’t been purchased.


The calendar will help you see all the bookings that exist based on the dates you choose. So, go over to bookings > Calendar if you want to see them.

By default, the calendar is set to “day”, but you can change it and choose month if you want to. 

When viewing by day, you’ll see all the bookings that exist on one day.

Bookings & Appointments

By month will show up the bookings you have on a one-month period.

Bookings & Appointments

If you choose schedule, then they’ll appear based on a schedule.

Bookings & Appointments

Create Bookings Manually

If you want to create a booking manually for your customers, then that is possible as well.

All you have to do is go to Bookings> Add booking and then search for the customer you want to create a booking for or leave it as a guest. 

Choose the product you want to book for them from the dropdown menu and create the booking.

You can choose either create a new one, assign it to an existing ID, or not even create the order.

Bookings & Appointments

Choose what you want and click next.

A calendar will show up so you can choose the date, click on the one you want, and click on add booking.

Bookings & Appointments

You’ll be redirected to the edit/view page where you can further customize the booking yourself.

Bookings & Appointments

And that’s it.


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