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The Customer Booking Process

Once you’ve customized everything about your bookable products, it’s time to understand what’s going to happen on the front-end for the clients. 

First, a booking form will be generated so the customer can fill it and add it to the cart. 

The form will look like this, with a calendar that is showing all the available dates you can choose from.

The cost of the booking will change based on what the client chooses and based on what you’ve put on your end (block cost…etc). 

Once the client chooses what they want, they will select “Book Now” and add it to their cart.

Bookings & Appointments

Checkout Process

Once the client confirms what they want, a screen will show up containing the times, persons, resources, and dates the client has chosen.

From then the checkout process can either go two ways: 

  • Either the customers will validate their purchase and pay automatically.
  • Or, they’ll have to wait for your approval so they can pay their bookings. 

If it’s the second case, add to cart will be replaced with check availability and payment is not taken in the checkout. 

The booking will be saved and it will go to your end, but the payment will not be requested until you approve it.

Once you approve the booking, your customer will be emailed saying booking confirmed as we’ll explain down below. 

The email will contain a payment link they’ll have to click on in order to confirm their booking and pay.

Bookings & Appointments

Email Notifications

In order to send your clients the emails, you’re going to have to go to settings> Emails, and create new emails for:

  • Booking confirmed: This one is sent to the customer to confirm their booking and should have a link to pay.
  • Booking reminder: It’s also sent to the customer one day prior to the booking to remind them.
  • Booking pending confirmation: Email is sent to notify the customer that the booking still hasn’t been confirmed.
  • Booking canceled: To inform the customer that the booking has been canceled.

There are other types of emails and they are:

  • New booking: An alert sent to the admin each time a new booking is done.
  • Booking notification: These are sent manually from Bookings > Send notification.
  • Admin Booking Canceled: this one is sent to the admin if a client cancels the booking.

You can also create follow-up emails in order to retain your customers and make them purchase from you another time.

Sending email notifications

You can always send your customers custom email notifications to your customers in case your product has changed, the availability has changed, the price has changed, or any other reason that will require an email notification.

To create these customer email notifications all you have to do is head to Bookings, and choose send a notification.

Now, all you have to do is choose the booking product from the dropdown menu, fill out the subject, write down your email in details, tick the box with the attachment if you have attachments to send them, and finally, click on send a notification.

Your client will be notified by email, and that’s about it.

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