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Starting with Avoori Hotels & Reservations

Whether you’re a hotel, a house, or an apartment that is up and running with reservations, then this feature is perfect for you.

The Avoori Hotels & Reservation feature will help you offer reservations for clients for a room, suite, or even the whole apartment or house. 

With this feature you can: 

  • Offer rates for each night 
  • Create a check-in and check-out time 
  • Make reservations of nights instead of days 
  • Make special rates

How To Use Hotel & Reservations 

The hotel & reservation feature exists only in business or online store plans. It’s quite easy to use and is hustle free.

Create The Product

All you have to do is go to your website > click on products > click on add new.

hotel and reservation

Choose a title that reflects the product your offer and choose a description that shows its value and worth. 

Then go to product data > choose hotel/reservation > and tick on virtual.

hotel and reservation

By clicking on virtual, you’re enabling your potential customers to book this room with a simple click. 

This option also tells your website that the product can’t be shipped and can only be booked virtually this way your potential customer will look at a calendar on his end in order to choose a date of reservation. 

Now it’s time to customize the product:

hotel and reservation

  1. Set the minimum of nights set in bookings to 1.
  2. Set the maximum of nights allowed to the number you want.
  3. Choose whether the calendar can be shown automatically or based on clicks
  4. Choose whether you want to confirm every booking by ticking on “requires confirmation” 
  5. Tick “can be cancelled” if there’s the possibility to cancel the reservation
  6. Set a cancellation date 

After you set the general settings, it’s time to set the availability. 

hotel and reservation

  • Choose how many rooms are available 
  • Choose when bookings can be made from “starting” to “into the future” and make sure to choose whether it’s by months, weeks, or days.
  • If you have a rule when it comes starting days, then tick on the restrict start days.

Now it’s time to set the rates. 

hotel and reservation

  • Now it’s time to set up the standard room rate and display cost
  • The display cost might be different than the standard room rate based on what the client chooses. It’s automatically calculated based on what the client booked.
  • You can set up costs based on range type by customizing the feature like it’s been shown in the Bookings & Appointments 

Here’s how it’ll look like on the customer’s end.

hotel and reservation

Setting Special Rates

If you want to create special rates and prices, then this is where the previous feature comes in. Customizing it will help you create special rates based on what you decide.

First, go to the Rates tab > Click on add range > A new row will appear in the rates table > choose the type of rule by choosing specific dates. If you have a special price on holidays then choose the holidays dates, if you have a special price on the weekends, then choose the weekends, if you have a discount on Mondays, then make sure to choose money, and so on> after you choose the date, all you have to do is enter the cost.

The price you enter will be used instead of the standard one you’ve chosen in the beginning. This cost only applies to the dates you’ve chosen.

hotel and reservation

Here I’ve chosen range of nights during the week, specified “Monday” to “Tuesday”, and made the price $30. That means anyone who reserves a room on Monday will only pay $30.

Setting Check-In & Check-Out Times

If you’re offering a room or an apartment, it’s important to determine the check-in and check-out time, and that’s where this feature comes in.

First, go to your admin dashboard > click on settings > choose online store> go to reservations.

hotel and reservation

This is what it looks like.

Now enter the check-in time and check out time, and click on save.

hotel and reservation

Has Resources

Let’s say there are some resources you can add to the one-bedroom like a special breakfast or a five-star customer service.

All you have to do is go to product data > and tick on has resources.

hotel and reservation

It should look like this.

  • You can label the resource
  • Set it to customer selected in order to give them the options of whether to choose it or not.
  • Then go to resources and click on add/link resource
  • Name the resource
  • Choose the base cost or block cost
  • And click save

hotel and reservation

Here I’ve chosen a resource called “Breakfast” which costs $15. 

If the customer clicks on it then it will be added to their cart.

How it looks like on the end of the customer.

hotel and reservation

Has Persons

For hotels, apartments, and houses, it’s important to use this feature. It’ll enable you to determine if there will be a minimum of maximum of people and if you want to set special rates for some type of people. 

To set this feature, all you have to do is go to product data > and tick on has persons.

hotel and reservation

It should look like this.

  • You can set a minimum of people or a maximum of people or both
  • Choose to multiply the costs by how many people are reserving or not
  • Count each individual as a booking
  • Choose person types
  • Click save once you’re done

If you tick on person type, it’ll look like this:

hotel and reservation

You can choose whether you can offer different reservations and costs for different people like adults or children for example.

You can set a special rate of parents with children, or a special rate for couples, and so on.

It all depends on the service you’re offering.

hotel and reservation

Here’s a person type I’ve chosen based on my criteria. One parent with a child can book the room at a cost of $20 instead of $40 for examples.

You can choose whether you want these types to be included or not based on your services.

But, by offering different things, you’ll make sure you’re satisfying the maximum of clients and retaining as much as possible.


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