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Automatic subscription renewals

To avoid interruption of our services, we set all of the subscription for Avoor domains & our website plans to auto-renewal. This way it’s more convenient for you to work using Avoori without having your service cut off at a certain time of the year or month after you forget to pay.

This guide is made to help you understand the automatic renewal better, how it works, how you can enable or disable it, and how to use it for your subscriptions.

Which subscriptions automatically renew

If you’re wondering which subscriptions renew automatically, then all of Avoori’s subscriptions renew automatically unless you disable the auto-renewal option. 

Here’s when they renew:

  • Website subscriptions- On an annual basis or a monthly basis. 
  • Avoori domains- On an annual basis. You can’t buy a domain name with a monthly subscription.

How you’ll be charged

After subscribing to one of Avoori’s plans or buying one of our domains, your card will be automatically charged every month or year depending on your billing plans. We enable the auto-renewal for all of our plans to help you pay for your subscriptions even if you forget about them. To help you use Avoori better without interruption of our services, we recommend keeping the auto-renewal setting and checking your billing information every now and then so they can always be up-to-date. 

If your card doesn’t get charged, we’ll send you an email to your email address reminding you of what’s due. 

Our system can charge some expired cards

If the credit card you’ve entered is expired and doesn’t work anymore but the bank account associated with it is still working, then your bank account will be charged with the subscription. As long as your bank account is active and is still working, we can still collect the due amount of the subscription without you having to do it by yourself. 

But we do recommend updating your credit card information every now and then so you can avoid the worst-case scenario of your service getting interrupted. 

What happens if auto-renew is disabled

If you’ve disabled your auto-renew, then your subscriptions whether for the website plans or domains will expire the next month or year when you don’t pay.

If you no longer want a subscription, then we recommend canceling it so you can end it and your card can no longer be charged. 

Enable or disable auto-renew

To enable or disable your auto-renew we recommend following these steps: 

  • Log in to your Avoori account by going to Avoori’s homepage 
  • Hover over your profile’s picture and  choose billing 
  • Go to subscriptions where you’ll find all sorts of subscriptions 
  • Go to the subscription you want to disable or enable the auto-renew of
  • Check or uncheck the option

Domains linked to parking pages

If your domain name isn’t linked to an active website but a parking page, then that means you have no website subscription that renews every month or year. You do have on the other hand a subscription for a domain that renews every year automatically. 

If you want to manage your domain’s auto-renewal, then please follow these steps:

  • Go to your account’s dashboard 
  • Go to domain where you’ll find your list of domains 
  • Choose the domain name you want, click on it, check or uncheck auto-renew.

Find your renewal payment dates

If you have disabled your auto-renewal and want to know when is the next due date for your payment then follow these steps: 


  • On your account’s dashboard, hover over your profile’s picture and choose billing 
  • Go to subscriptions where you’ll find all sorts of subscriptions 
  • Choose the subscription of the website you want and click on it to check the date


  • Go to your account’s dashboard, and then click Billing.
  • Under Subscriptions, find the subscription of the domain you want, and check the date
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