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Canceling a website subscription

Your website subscription can be canceled at any time if you want to. To do it, you can follow one of these two methods: 

  • Either remove the auto-renewal on your website and let your website expire
  • Either cancel your subscription and let your website expire

This guide will detail both methods so you can find out what you should do before canceling your website subscription. 

Before you cancel

Before you cancel your subscription you first need to check the other subscriptions you have on your account dashboard. You can have other websites subscriptions, other domain subscriptions, and so on, that you need to check before canceling your subscription.

Note: If you cancel your subscription, your domain subscription won’t be canceled automatically, it should be canceled on its own as well.

What to know before you cancel a subscription:

  • Your website will be expired and will be deleted in 4 months by the system if you don’t activate it.
  • You won’t be able to edit your website once it’s canceled, you can only access the settings. 
  • You can export your content before you cancel your website.
  • We don’t refund subscriptions of canceled websites.
  • You can’t move a website subscription to another even if you’ve chosen the wrong website to activate. 

Note: After you cancel your subscription, your account dashboard will show all the other active subscriptions you have on Avoori.  

Option 1 – Cancel your subscription

To cancel your subscription on Avoori and let your website expire, then please follow these steps:

  • First, go to Avoori, and log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile and choose billing.
  • Go to subscriptions, and click on the website subscription you want to cancel.
  • You’ll find a “cancel” button, click on it to be able to cancel your subscription. 
  • Follow the same step for your other website subscriptions you want to cancel.

cancel subscription

Option 2 – Disable auto-renew

Every time you sign up for a subscription plan on Avoori, your subscription plan is set to auto-renew by the end of each billing cycle.

You can cancel this option and no longer pay for your website at the end of the billing cycle so it can be canceled. 

  • Go to Avoori, and log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile, and go to billing.
  • Go to subscriptions, click on the website you want to cancel, and go to its subscription page.
  • Cancel the auto-renew setting and save the changes.

After no longer paying for your subscription plan, your website will be automatically canceled.

What you can access on an expired site

After canceling your subscription, you can still access some options on your website like: 

  • Settings> Billing – to see what billing you’ve got left on your website and invoices. 
  • Settings > Domains – to see what domain is attached to the website and manage it. 
  • Settings > Advanced -you can access the website’s advanced settings to export your website’s content. 

If you have continuing subscriptions

If you have other subscriptions attached to the website you want to cancel like a domain subscription, then you need to know that these subscriptions are separate from each other. Canceling your website subscription doesn’t cancel your domain name or causes it to expire. If you want to cancel your domain subscription as well, then you need to cancel it on its own.

Note: If you don’t want to manage a domain name attached to an expired website, then you can always connect it to another website and manage it under the new website.


If I cancel a site subscription, what should I do with my custom domain?

If you’ve got a domain name bought or transferred to Avoori that you’ve connected to the now-canceled website, then here are some few options that could help you out: 

  • You can let your domain name under your subscription list and let it be managed by Avoori to preserve the domain name.
  • You can connect the domain name to another Avoori website.
  • You can transfer the domain name to another domain provider.

If the domain name hasn’t been bought on Avoori or hasn’t been transferred to Avoori, then you can always disconnect it from the website by changing the settings in your provider’s website & account.

Will my site appear in search engine search results after I cancel?

Your website is automatically indexed on search engines even on trial, but once you cancel it, it’ll no longer be indexed since it will no longer be public. If you don’t connect the domain name to another active website and index it on search engines, your website will eventually disappear from search engines and search results.

It might take a long time before your website will no longer be indexed, but it will happen eventually if your website is no longer active and your domain name isn’t connected to another active website.

Will Avoori keep my site or store content in case I come back?

Your website’s content will be left untouched whether you cancel your website’s subscription or let it expire. All the websites you have on your account dashboard, even if they’re expired, still have your content and can be activated at any time.

You can always export content from them whenever you want to.

What’s the difference between canceling a subscription and deleting a site?

Deleting a website on Avoori is still not an automatic process and thus you can’t do it on your own unless you open a ticket with the customer support. Canceling a subscription plan on the other hand is an automatic process that you can do on your own without customer support.

Deleting a website also means no longer having it on your account dashboard and no longer accessing its information, canceling means your website will still be available on your account dashboard and can be activated at any time.

What happens if I disable auto-renew?

Disabling the auto-renew means your credit card will no longer be charged automatically at the end of the billing cycle and that you can pay whenever you want to and create a new billing cycle or not pay at all and let your website expires.

Can I reactivate my site after I cancel my subscription?

You can reactivate your website any time you want after you cancel the subscription. Make sure to reactivate it before 4 months passes as our system automatically deletes websites that haven’t been active for longer than 4 months. 

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