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Checking your billing subscriptions

If you have an account on Avoori and subscriptions, then this guide will help you check them and understand more how subscriptions work on Avoori.

We set all subscriptions to auto-renew in order to avoid interruption of service which is why you might have unexpected charges every month or year from Avoori.

Understanding independent billing subscriptions

If you’ve bought a domain name on Avoori and signed up for a website plan and connected the domain to the website, then you might think that both of these subscriptions are now linked to each other and that one might cancel the other. But no, that is not the case.

Subscriptions on Avoori are completely separate no matter how linked to each other they might seem. A subscription of a domain is nothing other than a subscription to a domain, and the same goes for website subscriptions.

This means if your domain name gets expired, your website will still be active as long as you pay for it and will instead now have a generic domain name until you decide to connect it to another domain.

If your website gets expired and you still have an active domain name, then your domain name can still be connected to another website or to a parking page in order to preserve it. 

Check your site’s billing plan and cycle

If you have subscriptions on Avoori, then it’s safe to check them from time to time to make sure they’re still active and that you have nothing on hold or pending. If you’ve let your auto-renew setting enabled for both of your domain name and website, and if your credit card has enough balance, then your subscriptions will never be interrupted and will always be paid for in time.

If you want to check your current billing plan and cycle, then please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account’s dashboard 
  2. On your account dashboard, you’ve got all the websites you’ve created on Avoori
  3. Click on your profile, go to billing, and go to subscriptions
  4. You can check the subscription details of the website you want there including:
    • Plan – The plan you’ve signed up for.
    • Billing Cycle – When your payment is due.
    • Auto-renew – If auto-renew is enabled for your website.
    • Renews – Renewal date especially if it’s a domain.
    • Amount – How much you pay each year or month.


To check other details of your website, you can go to your account dashboard, click on the settings of the website you want. You’ll have various information including: 

    • Contributors – Contributors that you have on the website.
    • Website information – From name to description.
    • Payment method– To change your payment method.

Note: on your account’s dashboard, you’ll find all kinds of websites from activated ones to expired ones and trials. 

Check your domain subscriptions

To check if you have any domain subscription on Avoori, you can go to your account dashboard, billing, and subscriptions.

There you will find all kinds of subscriptions including the domain ones which you can see when is their due date and if they have the auto-renewal setting enabled for them. 

You can check their amount and how much you should pay on an annual basis for them as well. 

Change your billing schedule

Your billing schedule is usually set for a month or a year after you’ve signed up for your subscription plan. 

You can change it by waiting for the grace period of 15 days for websites or 30 days for domains. This way you can change your billing schedule by extending it for another 15 days or 30 days. 

Check your account balance

Before your pay for your subscription plan, make sure you have enough balance on your bank account.

  • Before every due date of your subscription plan make sure to check your account’s balance.
  • If it’s not enough, make sure to increase the balance so the auto-renewal can work. 
  • Once you have enough balance, the auto-renewal will automatically work   

View your invoices

You can check your invoices on your account dashboard for both of your domains and website pricing plans. You can check from the recent payment and subscriptions to the oldest ones.

You can always download your invoices from your account dashboard.




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