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I see an unexpected charge from Avoori

If you have a subscription on Avoori that you’ve canceled but still have received an unexpected charge recently, then this guide is for you. Unexpected charges from us are usually related to subscription renewal which means it’s usually a subscription you’ve had that you haven’t canceled or haven’t disabled the auto-renew setting on it. 

This guide will help you understand more about subscriptions and how to cancel the ones you don’t want so you no longer receive an unexpected charge. 

Website subscriptions

If you have a website or several websites, then you already know that each website has a different subscription. Each subscription renews automatically be the default and that could be the reason why you’ve received an unexpected charge.

If you don’t want to receive these unexpected charges then you can either disable the auto-renew or cancel your subscription. 

You can check your unexpected charge by going to your account dashboard >billing > subscription to see which website subscription got charged to your credit card.

After identifying the charge and the website, you might want to either:

  • Leave things the way they are 
  • Disable auto-renew so your credit card can no longer be charged
  • Cancel your website subscription if you longer want the website


If you’ve bought a domain name on Avoori or have transferred your domain from a third-party provider to Avoori, then after one year passes, your credit card will be charged with the same amount it did the year before that.

Domain names on Avoori are set to auto-renew which is why you might find an unexpected charge a year from the first date you’ve bought your domain name.

To check which domain name you got charged for, then please follow the same steps as before but instead of checking the website’s name, check the domain’s name.

If the domain name is yours and you want it to stay active, then you can leave the auto-renewal setting on, if not and no longer want the domain name, then you can cancel your subscription and disable the auto-renewal setting.

Note: The domain & website subscriptions are completely separate, and if one is expired, the other one doesn’t get affected unless you let it expires as well.

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