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My site is past due

If your payment isn’t processed before the due date, then your website will become “past due” and will become expired a short while after that. If you don’t pay for your website subscription plan, you’ll be receiving email notification to notify you that your payment has failed or hasn’t been processed yet and what will happen in the next few days.

If you’ve got auto-renewal activated, then we’ll try to charge your card when the date comes, but if it doesn’t charge and it fails, we’ll be trying to process the payment for the next days that come. If the payment fails at every time, then your website will get expired after 15 days. 

Your website won’t be deleted and you won’t lose any data or progress, but, if you don’t activate your website before 4 months, then it could be deleted by our system.

If your website became past due, then here’s what to do.

How do I prevent my site from being deactivated?

If you want your website to always be activated and to avoid it becoming past due, then you need to always update your billing information. You need to check if the credit card information you’ve entered is correct if your balance is enough if your bank doesn’t have any issue and so on. You need to check all of this before the date comes so that the payment can be processed without any problem.

You should also avoid disabling the auto-renewal so that we can process the payment on the right date. 

My credit card is working now, how do I submit my payment?

If you’ve had trouble paying for your subscription plan due to credit card problems that you’ve fixed now, then here’s what to do:

  1. Log in to your account, and go to your profile and click billing.
  2. Go to subscriptions and choose the website you have to pay for.
  3. Scroll down below until you reach “pay” and click on it.
  4. If the payment goes very well and is successful, then you’ll receive a notification from your bank telling you about the transaction. 


Can I change my billing plan?

Yes, you can change your billing plan whenever you want to. Avoori lets you do that by going to the website and choosing to change the pricing plan and then choosing which billing plan suits you better.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

No, it’s not possible to let your subscription put on hold. You need to pay for your subscription on the due date or in the next 15 days if you want to change the billing schedule before your website expires.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If a website no longer interests and wants it to be canceled then you can proceed by canceling your subscription. You can then manage your subscriptions by going to your account dashboard > Billing > Subscription and managing them from there. 

Note: If you let your website expires or no longer be active, then you can still access some of its settings by clicking on its preview on the dashboard.

Can I have an extension on Avoori?

We, unfortunately, do not offer an extension of our services; however, your website will stay active for 15 days after the due date. After this grace period, your website will become officially expired and you’ll have to reactivate it by paying for it. After your website is expired for a long time, you might lose some progress or data, that is why we recommend reactivating your website as soon as it expires.

I don’t need my website, but I want to keep my other subscriptions.

If you feel like you no longer want a certain website but want to keep the domain name, then you can proceed by canceling your website’s subscription. Your website’s subscription is completely separate from the domain subscription and therefore will not affect it in any way. 

You can always have an active domain subscription and an inactive website subscription and nothing will change. As long as you keep paying for your domain name every year, then it’ll stay available on domains on your account dashboard.

My payment went through, but my site is still down.

If your payment has gone through successfully and has received a statement from the bank that the payment was successful and still have trouble activating your website, then that might mean your domain has expired or your browser’s not working and you have to delete its cache.

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