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Parking pages

If you’ve bought a domain name using Avoori domains without subscribing to a pricing plan, then your domain name will be linked to a paring page instead. Your parking page on Avoori lets you claim your domain name and lets visitors know that the domain name is taken and is bought using Avoori domains. 

It has a minimalist design with your domain name in the middle and Avoori’s logo. Your parking page allows you to manage your domain settings and allows you to check your domain’s subscription until you get your own website. 

If you’re looking at creating a new website with your newly purchased domain name, then Avoori gives you a 14-day free trial so you can check the ins and outs of Avoori so you can create the website you need.

How are they designed?

Our parking pages are set to a minimalist design with a static image in the background to give the visitors a sense of calm using great aesthetics. The domain name shows in the middle so as to let all the visitors know that the parking page is of your domain and is under Avoori domains’ management. 

Parking pages on Avoori are unfortunately not customizable. They all come in one design and in one shape with your domain name in the middle and our logo on top. They’re not customizable since they are place holders, unlike websites that need to be customized according to the client’s taste. 

Your parking page is yours and yours only, which means it will not have any other content besides the domain name and logo. It will not contain any ads or any other type of content. 

Menu and settings

You can access your parking page by logging in to your domain name and going to your parking page. By logging in to your parking page, you’ll have access to your parking page menu which only contains important settings and options related to managing your domain name. 

Your parking page can allow you to purchase another domain, access your billing settings, purchase a website plan, and access the SSL settings.

Manage your parking page

Parking pages on Avoori give you the same access to your domain settings as websites do. You can manage your domain name there without worrying about the details and the technicalities as everything is simplified for our users. Using your parking page can allow you to: 

  • Register different domains on your parking page. 
  • Create a new website using a 14-day trial. 
  • Transfer an externally-managed domain name to Avoori.
  • Connect other domain names to parking pages.
  • Customize the DNS settings of the domain name.
  • Access the billing information of the domain name.

Keep in mind:

  • Domains that are bought using third-party providers can’t have a parking page on Avoori unless you subscribe to a website plan. 
  • It’s not possible to move a domain name to an existing parking page of another domain name. 
  • Every domain name has its own parking page that can be used to manage it.

Build a site

If you’ve decided to start a website using your domain name, then you can convert your parking page to a full-fledged website by choosing “create a website”. The website will be connected to your domain name and will benefit from a 14-day trial period that you can use to discover Avoori better. 

If you’re considering starting a trial website, then check our guide about Avoori’s trial websites.

Upgrading to a paid site

If you’re considering creating a website and subscribing for a pricing plan, then we recommend reading our guide about upgrading to a paid service so you can choose the right pricing plan for your website. 


Can I display my own ads on my parking page?

If you’ve bought a domain name on Avoori and have access now to your parking page, then it’s clear that the parking page has a minimalist design and little to no content. The parking page can only display our logo and your domain name and doesn’t support any injection or codes other than the ones it already has.

This means that you can not include your own ads on your parking page. The main goal is just to let visitors know that the domain name is taken, that is why it is kept to a minimalist design.

The parking page doesn’t support our ads, and it will not support yours either.

Can I invite contributors to help manage my parking page?

On the contrary to websites, parking pages do not allow you to add contributors to them. Parking pages are not customizable hence the absence of this option. If you’re the owner of the domain name, then only you can have access to your parking page.

Can I move my domain to another Avoori site?

If you have a domain name that is connected to a parking page, then you can move it to another website if you want. You can simply click on the domain name and choose the website from the list you have on your account dashboard and click connect. 

This way your domain name will now automatically redirect to that website. 

Can I connect my Avoori Domain to another provider?

Domains bought on Avoori are meant to be used to connect them to websites created on Avoori. If you’re planning on creating another website in another provider, then we recommend transferring your domain name to them this way you can manage everything in one place.

If not, then we recommend creating a website on Avoori so you can manage both your domain name and website here.


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