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Reactivating a site

If you haven’t activated your website in time and it’s now past-due and is expired, then you have two options.

  • Either reactivate your website so you don’t lose your progress.
  • Either let it expired and have it deleted after 4 months of not being active.

If you’re the first option, then this guide will help you reactivate your website without any problem.

Before you begin

Reactivate on a new plan

When your website is expired, you have the option to either reactivate it using the same billing and pricing plan as before or choose a new one.

You can choose whether to upgrade or downgrade your plan and whether you want to pay for your pricing plan on an annual or monthly basis. If you don’t want to change your plan then you could choose the same one as before and pay the same as you did before.

Retrieving your content

When a website is expired, out system picks it up and gives it a 4-month period before it gets deleted. After your website is expired, your content might be lost slowly and will be harder to retrieve especially if the website has been inactive and expired for more than 3 months. That is why we recommend activating your website as soon as it expires.

If you’ve activated your website and found out that a lot of your content has been lost, then you can open a ticket with our customer support in order to help you retrieve the content you want.

Other information

  • If you’re not sure whether or not your website has expired then you can try logging in, if it doesn’t want to then it might mean it’s expired, but, to make sure, check your URL. If a message saying “website expired shows up” then that means your website is no longer active. 
  • If your website is expired and you don’t want to activate it, then it’ll be deleted after 4 months. 
  • When your website is expired, you’ll need to restart another subscription to get it activated. 
  • If you’re selling subscriptions on your website and it gets expired, then your customers will lose their subscriptions.
  • If your domain name is not working but the URL we gave you at first for your website works, then that might mean your domain name has expired. Check your subscription to see the subscription is past-due and whether or not your domain name is expired.

Activate an expired website

If your website is expired and you want to activate it, then please follow these steps: 

  • First, go to Avoori and log in to your account dashboard.
  • Check from the list which website is expired and which one you want to activate.
  • After finding out the name of the website you want to activate, click on your profile, and then click on Billing.
  • Go to subscriptions and look for the website’s name and plan you’re signed up for.
  • Click on the plan, and then scroll down below until you reach “pay”.
  • Pay for the subscription plan.
  • If everything is successful, your website should be active and you’ll be able to log in to it now.

If your website hasn’t been activated even when following these steps, then it might mean your browser has problems or your payment hasn’t been processed. 

Restored content

After you reactivate your expired website, the content might be intact and just as you’ve left it, especially if you activate it very quickly.

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