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Reviewing your Avoori account invoices

On Avoori, it is possible to print billing information and invoices so you can keep track of what you pay and didn’t pay. 

You can download each invoice from the recent ones to the oldest ones. Each invoice is separate and is related to one of your purchases and subscriptions. You can access different invoices like:

  1. Invoices for your website subscriptions whether you’re subscribed for the personal, business or online store plan.
  2. Invoices for your domain subscriptions that you’ve bought on Avoori domains or have transferred to Avoori. 

Note: You can find all subscriptions on your account dashboard > billing > subscriptions.

Tip: Always keep an eye on your invoices as they will help prove your ownership in case you ever contact our customer support.

Before you begin

  • You can check your invoices for all of your past subscriptions. 
  • Your invoices need to be printed individually and downloaded one by one on Avoori as each one is separate from the other. 
  • Each subscription has an invoice. You can’t download different invoices of different subscriptions at the same time. 
  • Invoices concern both domains and website plans so you can have a trace for everything.
  • Refunds don’t generate invoices. 
  • You can download invoices even if you upgrade or downgrade a plan. 
  • Your invoices can not be customized to fit your needs or to include other information.  
  • If you cancel a subscription, you won’t have invoices of that subscription after the date of the cancellation. 

What’s on an invoice

An invoice is a collection of information that proves you’ve paid for a service. On Avoori’s invoices, here’s what you will find:

  • Your name or business name 
  • Your address or business address 
  • The date 
  • The amount due and paid
  • Avoori’s logo
  • Name of the plan 
  • Tax ID
  • Tax invoice 
  • Invoice number 

This is the information you’ll find on your invoice. 

Open an invoice

You can directly download an invoice from Avoori by simply going to orders and clicking on the invoice you want.

You can’t open the invoice unless you download it on your browser, and once downloaded you can check all the information you need.

You can’t edit anything about your invoice’s details but you can check everything about your subscription there.

If you’re wondering what kind of information you have access to then please check the section before this or after this to get a glimpse of what you’ll find.


Find specific information on an invoice

On your invoice, you’ll find different information that you can use like the service you’ve paid for and the credit card: 

  • To access your invoices, go to your account dashboard, click on billing, and go-to orders. 
  • Under order, you can check the invoices you want, each one is set individually.
  • Under invoices, you’ll find different information dating from the last digits of your credit card to Avoori’s logo.
  • You can search for the details of your purchase, billing information, and name of your plan. 
  • You can check the payment date and when you should pay for your pricing plan next.
  • You can access the invoice’s id number.
  • You can see information about yourself, your name, and your address which you can then later change to your business name and address. 

Print or download

To print an invoice, all you have to do is go to your account dashboard > billing > orders and click on the “invoice” you want to download. After downloading it, you can print it.

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