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Scheduling pricing, billing, and invoices

On Avoori, it’s possible to schedule your pricing, billing, and invoices to match your pay date or any other date. You can manage your billing information and schedule for every website and domain name through Avoori by going to your account dashboard and going to billing.

The information on the credit card you’ve first entered during your first subscription is the one that’s going to be used for any of your future subscriptions. 

Before you begin

  • To activate a subscription on Avoori, you first need to create your account and create a website or buy a domain name using Avoori domains. You can start your own website by choosing to start a 14-day trial on Avoori to see how things go and even buy a domain on Avoori and connecting it to a parking page.
  • You can schedule your billing dates by letting your website expire and activating during the grace period every time until you reach the scheduling date you need.

Scheduling plans and pricing

On Avoori, there are three pricing plans you can choose from ranging from personal to online store. Each plan has its own features but as you choose the upgraded one, you’ll have access to more premium features.

You can change your billing plan at any time and you can choose to pay for your pricing plan at the time you want the first time around so it can be scheduled around the perfect time of the month or year depending on your billing plan.

Upgrading to a paid Scheduling plan

To choose a paid scheduling plan follow these steps:

  • Go to Avoori
  • Create an account 
  • Create a trial website 
  • Pay for the trial website at the time you want to pay for it
  • Fill your credit card information
  • Choose the billing plan and pricing plan
  • Confirm 

pricing plan

View and manage your subscription

You can check your billing plan and subscription and have access to different information including:

  • Billing plan
  • Activation date
  • Billing cycle
  • Renewal date
  • Auto-renew status

You can download your invoices on Avoori by going to your billing> orders and then invoices. You’ll find on your invoices this information:

  • Payment date
  • Billing plan
  • Payment amount
  • Prorated charge or refund (for plan changes)

Change your Scheduling billing plan

If you want to change your scheduling billing plan, then you can do so whenever you want to. You can find out more about it by reading our changing your scheduling billing plan guide.

If we can’t charge your card for a renewal

If we can’t charge your card during the first 3 days then we’re going to keep trying for the next 30 days until the payment is either accepted or denied one last time. If the payment is denied then you’re going to have to pay for yourself by entering your credit card information again and renewing your domain name.

Make sure the information you enter of the credit card is correct and that you have enough balance so as to guarantee the renewal. If you can’t charge your card for a renewal then your domain name will get expired and your URL will no longer be working.

You’ll be working with a generic domain name that has in it until you connect your website to another domain name or reactivate the one that got expired.

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