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Why did my renewal payment fail?

If you set up your domain name or website to auto-renewal and it failed then this guide is going to help you figure out what’s wrong. If your renewal failed then you’ll automatically receive an email and notification telling you that your credit card hasn’t been charged and that your subscription can’t be renewed. 

Emails about failed payments

If your payment fails, then you’ll receive an email to your email address that you used for signing up for Avoori. Your email can have different subject lines but they’ll all have a keyword related to payment failure to notify you.

Why did the payment fail?

There are many reasons why your payment has failed and here are the ones we think are most common:

Your credit card is no longer working

If your renewal is set to date past your expiration date, then that is the reason why your renewal has failed. In order to solve this problem, all you have to do is go to your account and re-enter your new credit card information and update your billing information. Then go to the website or domain name that is set to auto-renewal and make sure to pay them so that they can stay activated.

Check our guide to find out why your credit card was declined.

Your bank account has insufficient funds

If your bank account has insufficient funds and balance, then your credit card will be automatically rejected and we won’t be able to proceed with the payment. Make sure to check your bank account balance before the renewal date to make sure it has insufficient funds, if this already happened, then fix your balance and proceed with the payment again.

Your bank prevented the charge for another reason

If none of these two reasons are why your card is getting declined and why your payment has failed, then your bank must be the one stopping and preventing the charge. You can contact your bank and talk to them about the transaction so they can allow it and re-try again to proceed with the subscription.

Payment failure for your Avoori website 

If you don’t renew your website before the due date, then it’s going to be expired after the grace period.

Grace period

The grace period for website renewal is of 15 days. We’ll keep charging the card for the next 15 days and if it doesn’t charge then your website is going to get expired.

Payment failure for your Avoori domain

If you don’t renew your domain name on the due date, it’ll be active for the next 15 days while we try to charge your credit card. After 15 days, your domain name will expire and will no longer be activated.

Grace period

If you don’t activate your website during the grace period then it’ll be released from Avoori’s registrar and be bought by anyone.


I have a new card to use. How do I add it?

If you’ve got a new credit card, then you can add it by going to the billing information and adding the new information for the credit card.

I updated my credit card. Did the payment go through?

To check if the payment went through with your new credit card, then go to your billing information and see subscriptions to see if your payment went through.

How long does the renewal payment cover?


Your website can be either activated by an annual or a monthly subscription. You can see which subscription suits you better by checking our guide on how to upgrade to a paid plan. You can always switch to either an annual or monthly plan after you make your choice.


All domains purchased on Avoori are renewed on an annual basis and can’t be bought on a monthly subscription.

I received a billing failure email, but I already canceled my subscription

If you have canceled a subscription on your account on Avoori but still receive a notification of a subscription and your card gets charged, then it must mean you have another subscription on your account that you have forgot to cancel.

Subscriptions on Avoori are separate. You can have an active domain name and an expired website at the same time. If you no longer want any subscriptions to be active on your account then you can proceed to go to subscriptions and cancel all of the ones you have so you no longer receive any emails.


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