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Why was my card declined at checkout?

If you’ve tried paying for your website or domain subscription on Avoori and it got declined, then there could be various reasons why like:

  • The information you’ve entered is incorrect
  • Your credit card doesn’t have enough balance
  • Your payment method is no longer valid 
  • Problems related to your bank or bank account
  • And so on.

If you’ve had this issue, then all you have to do is check this guide for more information

Unaccepted payment method

If this is what shows up when you try to pay using your credit card, then it means that your card isn’t one of our accepted payment methods.

You can contact our customer support to get more details on which cards and payment methods are accepted on Avoori.

Invalid card number

If you enter your credit card information and it gets declined, then that must mean you’ve entered incorrect numbers. 

Check your credit card information again and re-enter them to try again.

Error message: Subscription Failed

If your subscription failed, this could be caused by either two things which are:

Incorrect Information

It’s possible that you’ve entered incorrect credit card information like the CVC code or expiration date which makes your bank deny the charge. Re-enter your credit card information and make sure they’re correct in order to solve this issue.

Transaction Declined

If you’re sure that all of your credit card information is correct but it still isn’t charging for some reason, then you need to contact your bank.

You need to contact your bank to let them know that you’re trying to purchase a subscription on Avoori and give them the necessary information so they can go ahead with the transaction.

After contacting your bank, try again with the transaction and it should work.

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