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Avoori Blog Administration Guidelines for Beginners

Managing a WordPress blog is an easy task for the most part. Avoori Makes this task even simpler for you.

Avoori Blog Administration

There are a few activities that you need to perform to administer your blog effectively. Doing this will enable you to focus on writing content, and share it with the world.

Logging In

Most people use WordPress as a content management system and have some kind of information to share and publish. The first step is always logging in to your Avoori website. To do so you may login to the user portal right on and choose any of your websites to login automatically or navigate to your website url with a /connect extension in the URL and use the login screen as shown below. Do note the first method is much simpler and allows digital agencies to login to multiple website by using a single user all from the Avoori website.

Image of the Avoori subsite login screen.

Once logged in, bloggers usually start adding new posts by going to Posts > Add New. All the input items are pretty straight-forward to fill in. You are asked for details such as post title, the category and tags the post will relate to etc.. All you need to do to publish the post is to click the publish button for the post to go live.

Image of the add new post page.

If you would like to add images to your website, you can do that through Media > Add New. Through this screen you would be able to add the image files required for your website in JPG, PNG and GIF formats.

Image of add new media page.

You might want to add these images or embed audio into your posts. You can do that by editing the post through the posts list page. You can hover over the post and click Edit. You will be able to make all sort of content edits and can add images/audio via Add Media button.

With Avoori, you can schedule your posts to be published at a future date. Professional bloggers want to keep a consistent publishing schedule, or you may possible be on vacations, visiting a conferences or just busy with other tasks, making you unavailable to publish at a specific date. Avoori lets you write posts when you want and schedule their publish date for any future date. So the posts are automatically published when the publish date comes. You will not be required to log in at that time or perform any action as the process is fully automated.

Managing Comments

It is important to write great content but it is equally important to know the readers feedback about your content. Get personal with your blog commenters by visiting the Comments page on the website admin, where you can see all the comments for all of your blog posts in a simple and organized interface.

image of comments page populated with some comments

Comments need to be approved before they are available online for public view. Comments that need your approval will look slightly different than approved comments. The approved comments will have a white background, while comments awaiting moderation will have a light pinkish color background the same as on WordPress.

You can approve a comment, edit the comment or delete a comment. All these using the available options as you hover over the comments.

image of comments page with an example of approved and and pending moderation comment.

Comment Spamming

Be aware of short and really nice comments. Generally, they are spam comments for gaining SEO benefits for their website or it could be just to spam your site with useless comments making it look less credible and professional. You should be extra cautious while moderating comments.

Users & Authors

If multiple users add posts to a blog, chances are there are multiple users registered on your Avoori website. These users may have different access levels or roles. An administrative user such as the “Site Manager” can check the Users panel to know about all the registered users and their roles (user access levels).

If your blog is open to new user registration and guest posting, you should always keep an eye over the posts list for new submissions. These posts will have a pending status awaiting your review and moderation as the site manager.

Glance Over the Statistics

By this point, you are already familiar with publishing posts, moderating comments and managing users. That’s pretty much it for everyday tasks.

You are provided with basic blog stats, such as the number of published posts, comments & categories through the Avoori User Portal, where you can find the list of all your websites with Avoori. If you have a business plan for your website, you can also see incoming links, basically who have linked to your posts lately, by connecting to a service called Majestic. All this information is helpful as you make future plans for your blog.

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