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Combating Comment Spam in Your Avoori Website

If you have ever owned a blog or managed one, you know how difficult it can get to tackle comment spam. It’s a reality and one must learn the right tools and settings to fight comment spam.

Luckily, Avoori is pretty robust. It’s not that difficult to combat spam if you carefully moderate the comments and tweak the available comment settings.

With that said, there is not one single solution that fits every comment spamming scenario. There are multiple precautionary measures we are going to talk about that will help minimize comment spam.

Math Captcha for Comments on All Avoori Websites

Every website in Avoori is equipped with a math Captcha that’s designed to reduce automated/bots spam methods. The rest of the comments that are, usually, left by actual people who visited your website, are left for your manual moderation in the website admin section.

Avoori Comment Spamming Settings

The right use of these settings can substantially decrease comment spam on your website.

Number of Links in Posts

One of the comment spamming techniques is to use more than a couple of links in their comments. We can block comments with more than X number of links in a comment.

Navigate to Settings > Discussion panel. Scroll down to Comment Moderation. Edit the section where it says no. of links allowed in a post, by default, it’s 2, you may want to set it to 1.

Comment Blacklist

You can blacklist comments that use certain words. Under Settings > Discussion panel, there is a comment blacklist section. You can paste the list of words (one per line) for which you want to mark comments as spam that uses these words.

You can find many lists online if you search for “WordPress Comment Blacklist List”. Just be sure to include obvious spam words, and go through the list before you use it.

Moderate All Comments

If you have a new blog then you must moderate all the comments. After all, you can manage to moderate a few dozen comments a month. It would restrain spammers to spam your blog after a few tries, as they would know you’re manually moderating comments.

Pre-approve Comments from Old Commenter’s

It’s a smart tactic to not only focus at spammers but at your readers as well. You can check Comment author must have a previously approved comment option on Settings > Discussion page. So if a first-time visitor makes a comment, it would be moderated but your regular commenters will be able to directly comment.

Restrict Comments to Registered Users

Most spammers do not go through the hassle of registration to be able to make a comment at a site. So if you let users register to make a comment, you will experience a lower spam rate.

Go to Settings > Discussion page. Under Other comment settings, check Users must be registered and logged in to comment.

Informing Users of Comment Moderation

In this era of instant gratification, readers expect to get their comment published immediately. If you manually moderate comments before they publicly appear. You must let the users know of the same after they submit the comment.

Spammers Nightmare

Most spammers are looking for sites/blogs that offer the do-follow type of linking. Avoori comments are entirely based on no-follow links for your protection and blog authenticity.

The spam rate has tremendously decreased for Avoori and WordPress blogs, compared to how severe comment spamming used to be. So all in all, Avoori and WordPress take the necessary measures to fight comment spam, each in their own way. You just need to make sure to be pro-active in implementing active measures to avoid being a comment spam victim.

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